Wedding Photo Booth

If you are planning your wedding, do not forget to hire a wedding photo booth too.

While it may not be part of the traditional list like floral arrangements, invitations, catering or venue but they can sure add tons of fun.

It seamlessly complements just about any wedding theme and makes sure that guests have lots of happy memories at your wedding.

Why Should You Have A Wedding Photo Booth?

But apart from the fun element, there are many other benefits of organizing a wedding photo booth.

  • Unique Gifts: You may have planned a unique thank you gifts, eg: photos for your guests. But the wedding booth makes sure that your guests have some beautiful memories of your special day.
  • Involves Guests: The photo booth, in general, is a big draw for all types of guests. Whether they are old or young, married or not, it becomes a great way to encourage guests to interact with each other. It gets them involved with the whole event.
  • Connects to Social Media: Most wedding photo booths also provide an opportunity to connect to social media platforms. So often your photos at the wedding may be on Instagram with a unique hashtag.  social media platforms. So often your photos at the wedding may be on Instagram with a unique hashtag. This ensures a better social network presence.
  • Helps Guests Relax: Often the wedding photo booths have interesting themes that allow the guests to have some fun and drop their inhibitions completely.

Ideas for Wedding Photo Booth

A wedding photo booth does not have a set theme or format. You can come up with just about any crazy idea and implement it. Here are some popular options

  • Classic: Complete with monochrome prints and classic compositions, this type of wedding photo booth celebrates the history and power of photographs and offers a unique styling element.
  • Retro: Think of all the interesting elements of the 60s and 70s, the polka dots, the bell-bottoms and what not. Often the photo booth also offers dress-up props to complete the look.
  • Hanging Props: These are options to make the open-air photo booth even more interesting. You may hang bright balloons, festoons and what not and create a completely dynamic background.
  • Tropical Theme: This theme can be recreated both indoors and outdoors with tropical flowers, colour combinations and a bright sunny beach backdrop.

Benefits of Working with Us

You now have a photo booth rental firm at every corner, given the huge popularity. But there are some distinct advantages of working with us.

  • Wide Range: When you associate with us for a wedding photo booth, options are one element that you cannot complain about. We offer a great range of very exciting and catchy themes.
  • Customization Option: But that is not all. You also get an opportunity to customize the photo booth as you want. Be it the decor, the backdrop, everything can be customized as per your specifications.
  • Competitive Rates: The good part is you get all of these packages at a great price too. A unique booth does not have to cut a big hole in your pocket.
  • Great Quality: Moreover, we never compromise on quality to fit into a specific price bracket. Our offerings are known for superior product quality and a great range of price bands.

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