Wedding Consultant

Planning a wedding without a wedding consultant is unimaginable today. Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and resources and given the hectic lifestyle that we have, it can often take its toll on the overall preparation and the planning process.

But with a wedding consultant in place, you can pretty much put the preparation on autopilot mode and relax.

Why Do You Need a Wedding Consultant?

Hiring a wedding consultant has many advantages.

  • Sharing Responsibility: Weddings are challenging both emotionally and physically. Now add the stress and the effort required to organize it as well. However, with a wedding consultant handling the event, you can relax on one aspect at least.
  • Better Idea of Budgeting and Scheduling: Most times wedding consultants can give you a far better idea about the ideal budgeting and scheduling details. After all, they are conducting weddings almost every day.
  • Connect with Vendors: Moreover, these wedding consultants invariably tie-up with a number of vendors to get the various elements of a wedding event in place. So going via the consultant always saves you time and resources as well.
  • Plan Something Unique: Given the experience base of most wedding consultants, they can be very creative and help you organize something unusual and happening even on a low budget.

Types of Wedding Consultants

Different types of the wedding need the assistance of different types of consultant and different degree of care.

  1. Full-Service: As the name indicates, this type of wedding consultant offers a complete range of service from finalizing the concept to the theme, the guest list, catering, you name it and they handle it all.
  2. Designing Events: These consultants are focused more on designing individual events. They do not look into the logistic aspect and may work with select vendors like the florist or the decorator.
  3. Consultant: As the name indicates, they are not completely involved with the event but chip in as and when required. Obviously, the rates are also different for them. But then you cannot completely depend on these wedding consultants.
  4. Wedding Day Coordinator: Now they step into the scene only on your wedding day to help you organize the chaos. So while you are busy getting married, they ensure that the events and the related elements flow seamlessly.

Benefits of Working with Us

When you tie-up with a professional wedding consultant like us, there are many advantages.

  • Seamless Event: Given the huge volume of experience, we can offer you a seamless and smooth event flow on your wedding. Whether you tie-up with us for complete service or event designing, we assure 100% client satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective: Given the wide network of vendors and the team of professionals that we work with, we are able to offer you a range of services at a reasonable cost.
  • Peace of Mind: We value our commitment to the client and make sure that they do not have to worry about anything. We will support them and handle all the details for them. We are always able to maintain the deadline, so customers can have peace of mind.
  • Range Of Options: Whatever be the budget or the concept that you want for your wedding, we can assure you a wide number of options that fit every type of budget.

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