Attracting people to sign up for your event every time can be a significant hurdle.

Often the challenge is how to increase the conversion rate after approaching many potential leads.

If you are wondering how to attract attendees to your event and how to increase event registration, especially for a public event or a business event.

One of the best ways is to create enormous value for your visitors, understand what do they want and show them how to achieve it.

Besides that, we can adopt below 21 proven methods to increase your event sign up rate.

1. Early Bird Offer

This is the standard practice at most professionally managed, predominantly high attendance events.

The earlier you reserve the tickets, the cheaper the rates you get.

Often known as the Early Bird Offer or the Advance booking offer, it helps you take advantage of committing upfront.

Usually, these are valid almost a month or more before the event is supposed to be hosted. It gives you the benefit of committing before most.

This also needs to be promoted aggressively to ensure that people get to know about it well in time and are able to take advantage of it.

2. Promotional Video

If you want more people to sign up for your event, they also need to start knowing about it.

A promotional video, in that context, is one of the best ways to promote the event.

Besides, the content of the video is also crucial. It needs to tell people, all the reason why they need to join the event.

People will tend not to take action when they are in the confusion state.

By showing them a promotional video, people can feel the vibes, they will get overall ideas on what is this event about and they know what to expect when they join the event.

This gives them more references to make a decision.

3. Have a Clear Purpose In Mind

Make sure we clearly spell out the event purpose and objective, people will get a clear message about how the event can make a difference to them.

A clear statement of purpose highlights the relevance of the event, that means both the long-term and the short-term agenda is set out in clear.

Besides, with a clear purpose in mind, audiences will get a congruent message from your team and they will be more willing to sign up the event.

4. Have a Clear Event Agenda

A clear agenda has another important advantage. It helps your visitors understand the event flow and the content.

For people to invest time and money, they need to know what is the event agenda, how long will it last and will the event benefits them.

All these elements are extremely important. In the long run, they are what make the difference between a very successful event and a mediocre one.

A clear agenda also helps you get better guests and a more effective show line-up. Needless to mention, all of these add to the overall event experience and helps market an excellent show that finds many takers.

You may need an event planner to assist on the event agenda planning, find out this article on 11 factors to be considered when hiring an event planner

5. Understand Your Audiences

It is important to understand who are your ideal audiences and we shall create clear personas of them.

That also means that you can target the potential audience in a comprehensive manner.

It is no longer a random initiative directed at just about anybody.

There is a clear thought behind it and proper positioning of the event and its advantages.

When the message is being spread to the right kind of audience, it also ensures that they spread the news to others in the same circle also.

The scope of the news reaching the right people increases phenomenally.

6. Know Where to Find Your Ideal Visitors

When you have a clear idea of the target audience, it is also equally important to know where to find your ideal visitors.

You must have a clear idea where are your target audiences mingle at.

That gain saves both time and resources. You are no longer throwing darts in the darkness.

There is a pointed and focused targeting. You can easily explore avenues where there are greater chances of coming across your target audience.

The rest of the work is fairly simple. Once you come face to face with the right type of people, information dissemination is all that is left to do.

7. Right Offer

Making the right offer is crucial if you are looking to increase the number of people attending your event.

For this a detailed understanding of the audience and their expectation is crucial.

That means as an event planner; you will have to devote a considerable amount of time and research both the guest and the host profiles in details.

That alone will help you make the right offer to the right audiences and you can gain meaningfully from each of these engagements in a comprehensive way.

8. 100% Focus on Audience

Remember an event is a success only if you have the right kind of audience as well as the adequate number of audience.

That is extremely important but how do you ensure that you garner those numbers.

The solution is simple. You have to focus completely on the audiences.

From working out ways to engage with them, involve and helping them sign up for the event.

When you are 100% focusing audiences, the audiences can feel that you are there to help them.

This, in turn, will help in attracting the requisite number of people to make your event a success.

9. Create True Values

Value building is crucial.

Whether it is a business talk show, team building event or a public event, you will get the audience only when they are convinced that the time invested adds value to them personally.

Explore all the possible options and convey them in a meaningful and constructive manner to the audience.

But do not inflate any element unnecessarily. You must look at building true values that respect the inherent integrity of the event in totality.

This is what is going to help you zero in on a winning solution.

10. Communicate the Benefits

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

When we convey messages to your target audiences, always include what are the benefits they will get when joining your event, people want to know what it is for them personally in order to invest time and money.

Always communicate the benefits in a constructive manner. That is what will encourage them to come in greater number and also bring in their friends.

11. Ask Them To Invite Their Friends Along

Bringing friends and family along can also have its own perks.

Incentivize people to spread the word about your event and get their friends along.

If it is a public event, you can offer them a special package or special discounts when they come in a group.

With companion along, people will tend to sign up for the event.

12. Select a Good Event Location

When you are looking for better attendance, the location plays an important role.

Identify where is your target audiences staying and decide where you want to hold the event.

Make sure you consider how is the area traffic condition on a specific day; is any public transport access to the place and whether there are enough parking spaces available.

Those are the factors that will affect your sign up rate.

In fact, just the change of location can often be instrumental in creating a better attendance. Find out this tips on how to select a good event venue

13. Held Your Event on Weekend

There are only a handful of events that people will make sure that they attend even on a weekday.

If you are having a public event, on an average, the attendance for weekend events is far higher than the ones that are held over the week.

So when you want more faces to sign up for your event, it is important that you organize it on the weekend.

The chances of people actually turning up are significantly more in this case.

14. Make Them Easy To Sign Up

If you want more people to sign up, then make the whole process fairly easy to sign up.

The registration for the event should be so designed that it is neither time consuming or complicated for anyone who may be keen to sign for the event.

If the whole process of signing up is complicated, many people willing to attend the event may also desist from signing up.

Also study the profile of your potential guests carefully before you decide on the way to sign up.

If more of the audiences are digitally enabled, then an online signing up is effective.

But if the audience profile is more of senior citizens, this may not be the best approach. The signing up process may act as a barrier for them.

15. Invite Famous Celebrity

When you want more people to attend your event, a simple option is to invite a famous personality.

Of course, the celebrity that you decide to call should be a well-known person for your target audiences.

Celebrity effect can immediately enhance your company branding, this is the reason why so many companies willing to spend millions of dollar to engage celebrity as their company ambassador.

The conversion rate can soar up to the sky if a famous celebrity urging them to sign up the event.

16. Use Social Media

When you are looking at active promotion of an event to get more people to sign up, social media will be one of the best marketing approaches.

This is one stop shop where you invariably land up with a much greater number of audience at one go.

So targeting social media appropriately will no doubt help in getting the most significant number of audiences.

Different types of events can be promoted on different types of social network.

Most importantly is to identify who are your ideal target audiences, map out the ideal persona.

Understand the guest profile and the event purpose well before going ahead. That will ensure more focused targeting.

17. Use Social Proof

Increasingly, social proof is one of the most influential factors affecting attendance to any event.

It is the common human psychology that people look at how others have gained from a specific exercise and then take a call on whether they want to do the same.

These include all types of elements like reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

The overall idea is to make existing beneficiaries tell the potential guests about how they can benefit from a specific event.

These personalized comments and true stories always have a greater impact. When anyone is uncertain, these social proofs can help clinch the deal in your favour and help get more viewers.

Moreover, testimonials from the third party are always more credible compared to personal accounts of the same incident sometimes.

18. Use Scarcity

Another important psychological weapon is creating a sense of scarcity. How often have you heard events being promoted with taglines last 20 seats remain, seats getting filled up fast?

This approach often creates a sense of urgency. It convinces people that they have to take immediate action to grab the opportunity.

If this is the right event for them, people do not want to miss it, this is what ensures people give this event a priority over others.

19. Be Fun

Whatever be the objective of the event be, if you want more people to attend the event, you have to make sure that people are convinced that there is going to be a lot of fun.

You can project this fun element in a variety of ways.

Be creative, there are no set rules for it but what counts is that people take notice and actually sign up for your event.

If you able to break people pattern, change their mode, people will tend to respond to your event.

20. Lucky Draw

Do you know any friends who are always keen on attending a particular tech fair every year?

Apart from the obvious reasons like knowledge gain, exposure to innovation and the like, there may be another motivation, eg: lucky draw.

The bottom line is that a well-planned, well-executed and thoughtfully selected lucky draw can go a long way in attracting people to sign up for your event.

The gifts at the lucky draw act as incentives.

21. Free Gift

This is a sure draw to any event. Whether it is a T-shirt, goody bag, an iPad cover, mug or any company merchandise, guests are invariably excited about getting free gifts.

The actual value of the gift does not matter. It must be something related to the event, something the guests find useful and something that they are constantly made aware of about getting absolutely free.

This is what often a complete game changer is all about.


So if you are keen on attracting people to sign up for your event, you will have to make a comprehensive effort to address every aspect of the issue.

The idea is to create meaningful channels of promotion and then sticking to them with a well thought out strategy for better exposure over an extended period.

After they registered the event, you still need to assure that they will be turning up during the event day. Find out this article on how to increase the audiences turn-up rate on the event day.

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