Themed events are back in vogue, and increasingly there is a rising demand for organising these themed ones.

However, themed event planning not only requires expertise in event planning but a deep understanding of how to incorporate a particular theme in the various elements of event planning.

Hiring an experienced event planning organization like us makes themed event planning almost a cakewalk, and you can always depend on us to deliver.

Whatever the theme might be, our experienced team of professionals can always bring out the best and not just wow the guest but also add a spark to the event.

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Sourcing The Element

One of the primary constituents of the themed event is sourcing the many small elements.

For example, if it is a Victorian theme that you have in mind, we go that extra mile looking for matching decoration, furniture, monogrammed crockery and the like.

So why is it easier for us to source materials and execute themed event planning more effectively? It is because:

  • Access to multiple wholesale supply points and a strong network of vendors
  • Better price negotiation and bigger bargaining power
  • A full team of professionals in place for effective execution of the theme that is decided
  • Out of the box approach and strong improvisation techniques

Competitive Pricing

Not only do we get you the best bargains in town but also the overall cost of the event comes down significantly for our clients when they host it with us. This is mainly due to

  • Long association with our vendors ensures we get the best at the competitive rate
  • Even in terms of catering cost and beverage expense, our deals are hard to match in the market
  • In-house equipment and a vast network of connection enables providing support at affordable rates

Marketing & Promotion

Let’s face it, the success of a themed event, actually any event for that matter, rests a lot on the kind of response it generates.

It is needless to mention that to generate the right amount of attendees, themed event planning also needs to incorporate a broad plan for marketing and promoting the event effectively.

  • We have a well-established team of marketing professionals
  • Our promotion team leaves no stone unturned in getting maximum exposure for the event
  • Our promotion blends and adapts as per the demands of the theme in a way it does not appear forced

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Depend On Us

We assure you 100% guarantee in taking the stress out of your upcoming themed event planning. We ensure

  • Budget never overshoots
  • Full justice is done to the theme
  • Every detail is covered
  • Negotiations are handled carefully
  • All-in-one Services

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Contact Us Now

Therefore, just go ahead and give us a call or send an email, we promise to take full responsibility for your themed event planning and do justice to every aspect of your event.