It is true that social event planning is not rocket science, but it is amazing how the simplest of tasks sometimes are more challenging than expected.

You need to be acute, precision in planning is important, and you need to be on your toe 24*7 till the event is accomplished. That is exactly where the services of us professionals are deemed to be important.

Balancing the challenges of social event planning and the daily tussle of day to day life can be quite overwhelming. We assure 100% assistance and world-class competence in getting the best alternative executed for you.

Negotiate Hard

We offer our services at a very reasonable rate and way lower than competitors for a reason. It is not because we forgo our profit but mostly due to the fact that we get you all the associated services that we provide at a major discount.

We negotiate hard with all the vendors and ensure that you get the products and services at the lowest rates possible without compromising on the quality aspect. We go through the expense list very minutely and given the competition that the vendors are against, they try and get you the most lucrative rate possible.

Divide To Unite

We believe in working efficiently by breaking into smaller teams for any social event planning. Every minute is accounted for and assigned to a responsible team head depending on what is scheduled there.

The whole event is broken up into multiple segments this way, and all you need to do is simply refer to the team head for a particular segment to be briefed on all the developments.

We believe in the fact that a team works best when every member chips in and diving the event into several teams is one of the hallmarks of our excellence.

Use The Social Media

Social media is a highly efficient platform to promote and market any social event. Not only does it help you leverage a decidedly big base of prospective guests and audience but also you get this access without paying a huge premium for it.

Over the years, we have made some earnest effort in nurturing relationships and give a high priority on long-term bonds.

Be it with clients, guests, critics or mere contacts crucial to our networking, we have actively taken care of our relationships.

As a result of this, we now have a very strong base on the social media and the benefits are there for all our clients to reap and utilize to the hilt.

Call Us for More Information

No need to worry about social event planning any more. All you have to do is just call us with the details of exactly what do you want and the tentative date you have in mind.

We will get back to you on the feasibility of the date and venue and how best you can organize your event.