Organizing and planning an event is never simple.

This is exactly why many companies and individuals prefer hiring an event planner to handle their event.

The challenge is how do you choose a good and qualified event planner?

You have to take into consideration many factors and then decide which is the best event company to engage with.

After all, your choice will impact the event too.

You must know what to look for in an event planner and also what questions to ask an event planner before hiring them.

Below are the 11 factors to be considered on how to select the best event planner:

1. What Are Their Areas of Expertise?

The area of expertise plays a crucial role.

If you want an exceptional event, your choice also needs to be extremely sharp.

For example, if you are planning to host a successful gala dinner, hiring an event planner expert at weddings may not address your case completely.

The broad functionality may be similar, but the devil is in the details.

This is why you must look for someone with decided expertise in the type of event that you are keen about hosting.

2. What Services Do They Offer?

It is never sufficient that the event planner is an expert in the field you are looking for or the rate they are offering the service at.

It is very important to know what kind of services they offer.

Do they offer one-stop event planning services? If yes, then you just need to liaise with one supplier, because they can help you coordinate with the rest.

If the event planner is not a one-stop planner, you need to personally look for other service providers to get the things done.

Sometimes a small miss at this stage can result in a big loss later on.

3. Understand Their Company Profile

It is important to understand their company background, how long have they been in this industry?

Look out for every detail and try to understand how these event planners can make a difference to your event.

Pay attention to how big is their team, what is their Unique selling point?

That will give you a fair idea of their profile as well as why they may be a good choice for your event.

4. Understand Their Previous Portfolios

In this context, it always helps to go through the list of achievements and events that a particular event company has already hosted.

The portfolio of the events that they have organized and their relative success and failure can often speak volumes about the long-term capability of the event planners.

Understand what were the similar events that they have organized and whether they are capable enough to handle your project.

5. Are They Resourceful and Have Wide Connection?

Resourcefulness and connections are almost always synonymous with success in event planning.

That is what will help you implement out of the box ideas and organize any event with ease.

Connections will also mean that they can negotiate better bargains for your event at every possible step.

6. Are They Able To Offer Attractive Proposal?

Often when you are looking to hire an event planner, the proposal reveals a lot.

Take a comprehensive look and pay attention to the details they provide.

If the proposal itself is not good enough, how do you expect the event to be terrific? A good proposal is the first step to ensure a successful event.

The obvious omissions and additions can give you some important clues about how good their proposal is.

This could be an important factor in determining your event success.

7. Are They Able To Offer What You Want Specifically?

Can they grasp the specific type of service that you are planning to host?

List out the services and the standard that you want to have and carefully check whether they are able to offer the services that you want specifically.

For a successful event, it is very important for the host and the event planner to be on the same page.

Only then you will be able to get a comprehensive team in place.

8. Are They Willing To Stay With You throughout the Whole Event?

The pre-conditions and specifications are very important for hosting a successful event.

Sometime, the event company may have two of their customers’ events been held on the same day, often you may realize that the event planner will leave the site before the event end. That is a big no.

Remember you are hiring an event planner to share the load. If they do not stay until the end of the event, this purpose is not solved and can result in chaos and disorder.

So make sure whoever you are hiring stays till the end.

9. Are They Able To Achieve Your Event Purpose?

When you are planning an event, the event purpose is one of the most important things to take care of.

If the event planner is not able to stick to the core purpose of the event, your efforts will never bear fruit, and the event can then be hardly considered successful.

Therefore, make sure that you hire only the ones who have grasped the core purpose correctly.

10. Who Will Be Working On Your Event?

Event planning task involves a group of team members.

Since every member is assigned to a specific role, the person who shows up for the discussion may not necessarily be the event manager who is handling the site on that day.

Thus, it is important for you to know the team members, who are the person in charge of a specific role. Leave no scope for confusion.

11. How Is Their Payment Terms and Refund Policy

It is important to understand how is the service provider payment term.

Whether you need to pay them partially or a certain percentage amount for them to carry out their tasks effectively.

With upfront discussion, you can limit potential confusion or any possible misunderstanding.

Furthermore, understand their refund policy of a balanced fund also creates a definite degree of accountability.


A competent event planner is one of the biggest factors for hosting a successful event.

Therefore when you are looking for an event planner, it is important to pay attention to the above details.

Make sure you know what questions to ask when hiring a good event planner.

Ask more questions to clarify whether they are capable enough to handle your event.

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