Red carpets can be very stressful events, tackling a deluge of VIPs on one hand and devoted fans keen to get a glimpse of their favourite stars on the other hand. Keeping the crowd under control and yet not compromising with the glitz and the glamour quotient can be a huge challenge at times.

These are perhaps the times when an experienced red carpet event organizer like us could make all the difference. We specialize in maintaining order amidst the disorder and make sense of the chaos.

Our staff is well trained to be assertive with a touch of politeness to convince the visitors, photographers and celebrities alike to fall in line.

Keep The Red Carpet Clutter-Free

One of the primary objectives that we strive to achieve is keeping the red carpet clutter-free. Right from the moment, we take up any red carpet event planning project, we look at creating alternatives to cut out the rush of the crowd on the red carpet.

Most times we suggest making different queues for the VIPs and the non-VIPs. This way the non-VIPs do not crowd out the red carpet area and are directly seated at the venue hall. The VIPs then walk on the red carpet in an orderly manner.

Of course, this also means that the photographers and the Video camera persons can have a clearer view and better photo ops.

Need For Discipline

Sometimes when the shutterbugs start clicking, it can often become quite crazy. Our experienced red carpet planners understand the need and value of being assertive but in moderation.

We are very clear about assigning set position to the camera persons, so there is no crowding out of any zone or risk of one camera person running into another in the effort to get a good shot.

Patience Is Virtue

A red carpet event means dealing with a huge number of VIPs so don’t try rushing anything. They are celebrities and star tantrums are part of the deal. Our red carpet event planning accounts for such delays and other potential factors that can stand in the way of smooth progress.

We time the event in a way that clearly keeps fillers ready depending on the situation when the celebrities are running late, and the eager press is becoming restless. Also, we are prepared for any kind of eventuality, even a no-show by a particular celebrity.

Lead From the Front

Planning a great show is quite different from actually executing it. One of the highlights of red carpet event planning by us is to formulate plans that meet the feasibility test 100%.

The reason is our team are professionally trained to do the job. Job allocation and project leadership are extremely crucial decisions that we never compromise on.

Professional Advice Provided

So call us for a one-stop destination for every element of red carpet event planning and execution. We promise uncompromising quality coupled with precise planning and to the point of execution for best results.