A company annual dinner event is never a common affair. More often than not, you hear that it is a major expense with no specific purpose. In fact, it is just the reverse.

Though organizing these company dinners can be an expensive affair but they have many long-standing benefits. In many ways, these benefits outweigh the cost involved.

Be it the company’s employees or the distributors or even the customers, this dinner is that common platform where all of them get together to take forward their individual and common interests.

If you have ever understood the power of networking, there is no better platform to realize it than a company annual dinner event.

This is one common occasion where clients, suppliers, customers, industry experts gather under a roof.

It is a great opportunity to strengthen the individual bonds as well as take forward the company’s interest in a comprehensive fashion.

Have a Clear Purpose Of Your Company Annual Dinner

If you are keen on hosting a successful dinner event, you must be very clear about the purpose of it.

The occasion you are celebrating, the guests, the VIPs you plan to invite and the like.

Every other element of the event is dependent on this objective. The clarity of purpose will no doubt boost the success prospects as well.

1. Staff Appreciation & Retainment

Studies indicate that over 96% of these types of meetings yield positive returns. Whether you host an awards night or offer incentives, the company annual dinner event can be a great way to boost employee morale, validate their contribution to the company and promote their creativity. It goes along in creating better-focused teams that are also well motivated.

2. Customer Appreciation

Not many companies host annual dinner events let alone inviting their valued customers. But when you go that extra mile and take the pain of making sure all your valued customers make it for the event, this effort does not go unnoticed.

This small token of appreciation for your clients will help your business become even more successful.

3. Supplier Appreciation

Your suppliers are often the lifeline of your business. It is not practical to convey your indebtedness to them every day.

But organizing a company annual dinner event and inviting them goes a long way in conveying that you care.

Often these tokens of appreciation are the small reasons that they will agree to go that extra mile for you.

4. Forging Relationships

Team Building Event Planner

Well, it is an open secret that these company annual dinner events are a great networking platform.

Outside the formal construct of the office, this provides customers, clients, employees and suppliers to interact with each other and forge personal rapport.

They can talk and discuss issues without hindrance. These go a long way in helping businesses flourish in a meaningful manner.

5. Train Leadership

Company dinners are a great way to nurture leadership and connect the management with the mid-level employees.

This interaction is not just essential, but it paves the foundation for the next rung of leadership. Businesses are extremely dynamic by nature.

These events become the first training ground for potential leaders of tomorrow.

Set Up Committee Team

So far we were in the planning stage, the next step is undeniably execution. So assigning responsibilities becomes crucial at this stage.

Responsibilities bring about accountability and help you to ensure that the event pans out as per plan in a smooth and unhindered manner.

The committee team also ensures better detailing and faster execution of the various elements.

1. Explore Talent

This is not just about successfully hosting one dinner. Often the company annual dinner event is the best way to explore potential talent and hone them for future leadership roles in a comprehensive way.

This type of dinner event gives them the much-needed exposure and explores their ability to face challenges. It becomes a performance platform for showcasing individual talent.

2. Staff Involvement

The company dinner event is not just a management decision. Every employee is closely associated with it and plays an active part. It works in a symbiotic fashion.

On the one hand, you have a much bigger team working towards the success of the event, and on the other hand, it tells employees they matter. It nurtures the sense of belongingness in them.

3. Assign Clear Roles

For best results, it is very important to assign clear roles. You do not want last minute chaos and confusion. Perhaps that is why the most important aspect is clarity in roles.

Each person should be clear in their responsibilities and work towards achieving that. This will reduce any scope of misunderstanding and potential confusion. It will also make the event roll out smoothly.

Company Dinner Theme Selection

Once you have decided to host a company annual dinner event and through with creating your list of objectives, the next step is deciding the theme.

No corporate dinner is without a theme. While most commonly you see the sit-down bow-tie variants, there are some fun options too like the Vegas or Casino themes.

Make sure that the theme is in sync with your purpose. If you are wondering which event theme to choose, find out this 45 Amazing Event Theme Ideas here.

1. Set The Tune

When you decide on a theme, the execution of it is also crucial. Make sure that you set the tune in a proper and elaborate fashion.

From the decor to the entertainment ideas to the food, the whole atmosphere should be steeped in various elements of the theme. It sets the atmosphere for the guest, and they too get involved in it.

2. Have Fun

Often that is the best way to ensure that your guests are enjoying the party. It is never sufficient to just organize games.

At the same time, you must ensure that there is a healthy participation in all of these. Encourage the guests to participate in large numbers. That, in many ways, will make sure that they are having fun at the event.

3. Get Everyone Involved

A company annual dinner event will never serve its purpose completely until you get everyone engaged.

One of the easiest ways is to organize a special dress-up in sync with the theme. Encourage guests to become creative; you may even keep awards for the best dressed.

This will no doubt motivate your guests and they will participate in a wholehearted fashion.

Budgeting For The Expenses

Budgeting is the next most important step after you have decided on the theme. Often the company dinner faces the axe when businesses are trying to cut down unnecessary expense.

But in reality, a well-planned dinner event may not be so expensive. The trick is to decide on a budget and limit your expenses within it. Of course, it needs detailed planning.

1. Total Money Company Wants To Pay

This is the biggest prerogative. Talk to the accounting department and consult all interested parties. This is important to get a realistic idea about the exact amount of money that is available.

Only then you will be able to allocate the funds appropriately and make the most of the event. This will also help in efficient disbursement too.

2. Budget Allocation

Now that you have a budget in mind, the next step is all about allocating it. Roughly divide all the expenses overheads and the tentative money required.

This is what will help you determine if you are overspending anywhere or whether you will have to cut down on any specific item.

Budget allocation will ensure that there is no sudden shortfall.

3. Be Realistic

But when you are making these allocations, you have to be realistic and extremely practical. It does not help if you make a random allocation to any of the element.

You must carefully consider each expense overhead and then allocate money. Think about the existing market rate and the exact extent of the discount that you may be able to get from your vendors.

Entertainment Selection

Now the most important part of any company annual dinner event. It is undeniably the entertainment quotient.

This is the centre point of any successful event, and it is this element that single-handedly keeps the whole event together.

So make sure that you plan out entertainment elements that are not just in sync with the theme but simply stun your guests.

1. Wow Factor

Yes, that wow factor is very important. That is what will help sustain the interest of the guest and encourage them to participate too.

The sense of surprise, thrill and excitement are very important to make the dinner a success. That is what distinguishes a mediocre event from a super successful one.

Often this also improves the participation rate in subsequent years.

2. Know the Audience

The profile of the guests is very important when you are deciding on the entertainment elements.

For example, if you have more guests of twenty-something, the entertainment element should cater to their preferences.

But if the audience profile comprises predominantly of 40 plus individuals, you need to tweak it accordingly for the best outcome.

3. Keep Up The Heat

Whatever entertainment element you incorporate, make sure there is no slackening of the tempo.

Consider your dinner event as one musical show where the idea is to progress to one crescendo after another and keep the guest asking for more.

That is what the hallmark of a successful event is in most cases. If you have no idea on what entertainment to engage, find out this 31 Event Entertainment ideas for your company annual dinner event.

Event Decoration

Now we come down to the actual event day. All the planning and the elements will fall in place only when the D-day venue is decked up accordingly.

Make sure that you are able to plan your decor according to it and every decor element compliments the broad theme in a holistic fashion.

1. Stage Decoration

Event Backdrop Printing

There are several sub-parts of the broad decor concept. The first and foremost is the stage where the entertainment element will pan out.

It will be the centre of attention; therefore, it goes without saying that you are able to decorate it in sync with the theme in a well-defined manner. It should reflect the true essence of the theme.

2. Entrance Decoration

The first impression is the most crucial one. This is exactly why you must remember to pay special attention to the entrance.

The budgeting for décor and also the planning for it needs to carefully take this fact into consideration.

Make sure your entrance décor is as striking as the rest of the décor. That is what will make it an unforgettable one.

3. Lighting

Do not be mistaken to group only festoons and flowers as the decor element. The lighting too should complement and also enhance the overall décor.

For example, if it is a spooky one, your lighting must be also instance. On the other hand, a disco or retro theme will see more bright sparkly lights to accentuate the theme.

The lighting is what makes the theme forward and how the guests get involved in the whole process.

8 Criteria on Selecting Company Dinner Location

However, despite all these detailing, a company annual dinner event can be an absolute failure if you fail to choose the right location.

What if the venue location is very remote or extremely congested?

This will not just impact the guest turnout but also slow down other services too.

That is why you have to select the location carefully to ensure maximum footfall.

1. Parking Space

One of the first things you have to consider is the parking facility at the venue that you choose. Keep a note of the approximate number of guests who are likely to turn up and make sure you have adequate parking for all.

It is always advisable to keep the option of valet parking for the convenience of the guests. This will enable the guests to be free of any worries and comfortably enjoy the evening.

It also saves time when they are not busy frantically looking for parking space in an overcrowded unit.

2. Traffic Condition

We all understand the importance of choosing a centrally located venue. But when you are finalizing the location, make sure you take note of the traffic conditions.

Note the traffic situation around the time you are planning to organize the dinner and also make a realistic assumption of the commute time for the guests.

There is an outside chance that some guests may drop out if they fear getting stuck in a jam for hours.

3. Food Quality

Remember you are organizing a company annual dinner event. So, one thing that has to be top grade is the food. It is the centre point of all your event planning.

From the quality of the food to the choice of menu, every single detail counts. All of this eventually adds up to how guests remember this dinner event.

Make sure it is memorable. By food quality, it is never sufficient to just serve expensive items. You also need to make sure that the various elements come together in a well-thought-out manner.

4. Food Serving Speed

Good quality food is no good if it served late. If required, go for test runs to ensure that the food is served at a comfortable pace.

The guests should neither be rushing from one course to another nor should they be waiting for too long between the courses.

Balance is the buzzword in that case. It should be moderated in a way that the guests are able to enjoy every meal and come away with happy memories of the dinner.

5. Staff Services

Apart from food service, you must also check other guest related services available at the venue.

Carefully take note of promptness of service and the range of options available for you.

The core concept is that the guests should not be inconvenienced in any way whatsoever. Their comfort is the primary priority at any dinner event that you are planning to host.

6. Environment

The overall ambience of the location is also very important. Remember these are like small pieces of a puzzle that need to be attached together for the whole picture to come to the forefront.

Every small detail counts and the environment of the location is crucial. Often that is what goes on to determine the overall scope and extent of improvisations that you can plan on the whole.

7. Basic Facilities

The location that you choose should also be adequately provided in terms of the basic facilities. A company annual dinner event means that there will be a lot of people and they need to have a good time together.

That is one of the basic premises to take forward your overall dinner planning. Facilities like restroom, adequate seating, properly ventilated and air-conditioned rooms are some of the key needs.

8. Costing

All of these factors only come into play when the costing matches your budget. Here again, the balance is very important.

Don’t choose a very expensively priced location only because of its prime location and neither should you go to venues that are remote but very cheap.

Look for as centrally located venues as possible, but they should be within your budget.

4 Main Factors of Successful Annual Dinner

Therefore, now you are fairly clear about what can constitute a fairly successful company annual dinner.

There are many major and minor details that you must pay attention to but all in all it needs to be both well planned and well executed.

It needs to be designed in a way that every element comes together in a seamless manner and the guests return with heart-warming memories.

1. Communication

This is exactly why effective communication is important. Whether you are interacting with the guests or the service providers or even the entertainment team, make sure there is clarity in concept and execution.

That alone will help in bringing about a meaningful communication channel and make your dinner event an outright success.

2. Overall Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere of the dinner is very important. We need to keep an eye on the event flow to sustain the heat.

The guests who are sharing the table must be compatible with each other to ensure they have a memorable time at the dinner.

If it is a sit-down dinner make sure that you pay attention to the groups you are allocating a specific table to.

In case it is a buffet, make sure there aren’t long queues of people waiting for food.

3. Meet the Objective

Most importantly, the event has to be planned in a way that it meets the core objective of the dinner event.

You have to make sure that every aspect of the dinner is planned in a way that the guests get a proper platform to network and interact in a lively fashion.

This is what will help them forging deep and long-standing bonds.

4. Within Budget

Most importantly, the most successful dinner events are the ones that stick to the brief and the budget too. It is very important that you make allocations strictly within the budget.

The company will only sanction a specific amount. Arranging funds for every single additional penny spent can be a tough ask and ruin the overall impact of the company dinner.

Why Engage With An Event Planner

Now the question is when you have all the elements together, why do you need to contact an event planner for your company annual dinner?

What is it that the event planner can offer that regular employees will not be able to?

Actually, there are many reasons, but the most important factor is that they ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions within a strict deadline.

Their professional experience and overall area expertise help give your event a definitive edge. Find out our company annual dinner event planning services here.

1. Save Time

Time is the biggest factor in this. Event planners undertake such mega-events on a regular basis.

So they are better equipped to network with vendors and service providers in a meaningful way.

Most importantly, they are dealing with these people regularly, so they don’t have to waste time looking for the best bargains. They are already aware of them.

2. Save Money

If you believe in the saying that time is money then engaging an event planner is also a very cost-effective idea.

The event planners mostly source their product at the wholesale rates as they use the same for multiple events.

On the contrary, you will have to make a special arrangement for a single event. That will be always more expensive.

3. Impress Visitors

Moreover, professionally managed events have a distinct edge that will never fail to attract and impress the guests.

From the details in terms of planning to the finesse of execution is hard to mirror by first-timers.

As a result, it becomes a Class Act from the word go when professionals handle it.

4. Peace Of Mind

Most importantly when you have professional event planners handling the company annual dinner event, you can relax.

There is no unnecessary running around involved and you can comfortably take stock of the situation and then relax.

In very simple terms, it is not your headache. You just put down your request, pay the money and take a deep breath.

5. Within Budget

There is no risk of overshooting the budget either. That is invariably one of the first things that you discuss with a professional.

As a result, they will fit in everything within the amount that you have decided earlier. After all, they are never going to pay from their pocket.

Moreover, they know much better how to manage costs comprehensively.


If your company annual dinner is around the corner, why struggling on how to start the planning, the smartest approach is to lets the professional event company handles everything for you.

Contact us now for more information, we promise to give you and your visitors an unforgettable company annual dinner.