Event planning is never an easy job, as an event planner, we need to manage a team of people and come out with good ideas that exceed customers expectation.

Not everyone can be an expert event planner.

Like most other professions, some clear personality traits help us to get an edge compared to many others.

When you hire an event planner, make sure he or she has below personalities.

Often these 15 qualities are what helps an individual put up a way better performance in the face of challenges.

1. Integrity

The integrity of character is undeniably one of the greatest virtues.

It does not just make an individual more committed and diligent but also enhances their relative credibility in their chosen field of performance.

They are able to hold their head high even in the face of myriad problems and ensure that they put up a superlative degree of competence and efficiency at every step.

The integrity of character is also important for people to keep their words and promises even in the face of distinct opposition.

2. Communication Skills

As an excellent event planner, it goes without saying that you will have to be a master at communication.

It never helps to be quite in this field. Good event planners must be good at communicating their ideas and concepts.

They have to make sure that both the staff and the clients are on the same page and understand what is going on.

After all, it is the communication skills that will see them through most difficulties here.

3. Calmness

There is another trait that must complement communication abilities. It is about how calm they can be in any adverse situation.

Despite your perfect planning, sometime hiccups may still happen.

Do they blow the top easily and start screaming and shouting at people? Or is it the reverse, where they remain calm even things are not turning out as per expected?

Well, calmness is required not just to tide past a challenge efficiently but also make sure they are able to devise a solution at the earliest amount of problem.

4. Leadership

A great team person is also an effective leader.

In fact, leadership qualities are amongst the most important characteristics of an efficient event planner.

As an event planner, we have to oversee multiple teams at any given instance.

In this situation, the lack of leadership skills can really mar your efforts and put the event in absolute jeopardy.

They have to lead from the front and efficiently as well.

5. Creative

Event planning is not just about organizing a dinner for 100 people.

It is a multi-layered, many-textured business.

It has to be done in a way that the guests are stunned, there is that wow factor and at the same time, they are able to stick to the client’s budget.

Therefore some bit of creativity is crucial to get an edge and make sure that their clients are satisfied with their efforts.

6. Efficiency

As a good event planner, it goes without saying that we have to be adequately efficient too.

A casual approach will lead you nowhere in event planning.

In fact, it can rather limit your efficiency and even make your performance sub-par.

Focus on improving our productivity rather than the extent of time that we are devoting to the event.

This is not just smart utilization of the time but the key catalyst to enhance efficiency as an event planner.

7. Positive Attitude

When dealing with people, they can be much uncertainty.

Weather and traffic condition are somethings that we cannot control, but with a positive attitude, we still can manage it.

A positive attitude allows us to see possibilities in any scenarios, this allows us to take immediate actions despite unwanted incidents rather than staying there keep complaining.

Good event planners must have a very positive mindset in whatever they do and always make sure they have their best foot forward.

Often this positivity can see them through many challenges and help them become an expert event planner.

8. Sociable

Along with that an expert event planner also needs to be extremely social. They should not stay aloof and should be open to communicating with people at any given instance.

This is what helps them build a net of meaningful connections.

9. Have a Wide Connection

It means that they are invariably connected to a wide list of professionals and vendors across services.

This connection is crucial for becoming a resourceful event planner.

From the event venue selection to event decoration and performance hiring, a resourceful event planner can always help you get the best deals.

These connections are what gives an event planner the necessary edge at every single show.

10. Responsible

Good event planners must be extremely responsible for the duties that they take up.

Whether it is the job of ushering in guests or looking at resource allocation, they make sure that they have undertaken every task entrusted to them one by one in a systematic manner.

Their attitude and sense of responsibility often help them take charge of the whole event, they are the key players of the event planning, they are not allowed to play the victim or pointing fingers to others.

11. Trustable

Being trustable also means you are somebody the client can depend on.

Observe their behaviour, how do they carry out themselves, they must keep their words and do what they said.

If you find someone who is always late or always not turning up for the meeting, you need to reconsider whether he or she is the right person to work with.

12. Presentable

Personal grooming is an essential part of being a good event planner. Think of all the event planners you have met.

They are invariably well dressed with proper attire, comfortable, stylish and fitting clothes and above all, they are suave speakers.

In short, they are very presentable.

This is important because as a representative of your company, an event planner should also be a brand ambassador of the company.

Besides, they are a leader of the team members, how convincing are they if they themselves are not a good role model.

13. Systematic

Being organized and responsible also means they need to be systematic in their approach.

If an event planner is haphazard then the chances are they will miss out their responsibilities.

As a result, they are then responsible for the eventual failure.

This is exactly why a systematic approach is often the first rules of efficient event planning.

This ensures there is a flowchart for every event and work progresses in a set pre-decided order.

14. Customer Orientated

An efficient event planner also needs to be extremely customer-oriented.

No matter how big or small the event might be, the critical factor is to know what customers want and how to fulfil the needs.

If an event manager only thinks of themselves and find an easy way out, they will not bother to create a wow factor for your event.

Only customer-orientated event planner will put customers needs as their first priority.

This will make sure that they are able to deliver quality service at every juncture and excel as a true professional.

15. Keep the Purpose in Mind

Last but not least, as an efficient event planner, it is important to keep the purpose of the event in mind.

He may have many ideas on how to plan the event but what he implements must serve the event purpose.

When he has a clear purpose in mind, he knows why this event been held for, so he can align himself and his team to carry out the work.

For example, if an annual dinner event purpose is to appreciate the staff and customers, we need to propose ideas on how to accentuate this purpose.


So, a good event planner is necessary to have the above characteristics to make them stand out from others.

He or she has to be a good leader but an efficient team player too.

When you hire an event planner, make sure they do have the above traits.

If you are looking for a professional event planner, we are pleased to serve you.

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