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Outdoor events are generally associated with fun. The brilliance of an outdoor event plan is not in how much food you prepared or how many guests were invited but rather on how much fun everyone had including the host.

They need to be effortless, free-flowing and completely fun filled. That is where come into the picture. Given our vast experience in this filed, we fill up your evening with the right dose of fun, frolic and food.

Our outdoor event planning is comprehensive, collective and cohesive. We try to highlight the best options in the most desirable fashion.

Our event planner helps you convert your simple outdoor event into a festival of happiness and colour. Even the simplest of occasions can take carnival proportion provided an experienced planner takes charge and looks at immaculate execution of every detail.

What Does An Outdoor Event Planner Do?

The outdoor event planner takes up comprehensive responsibility for the overall event.

1) Organizing Variety of Props

We don’t just decide a venue but every detail inside from the type of sound system to food arrangement and the like. Any decoration, props and festoons are all arranged by the outdoor event planners.

2) Liaison with Vendors & Caterers

Nothing is available in-house in case of an outdoor event. So hiring a planner ensures that there is someone liaising with a variety of service providers and ensuring a steady supply of necessities.

3) Make Arrangement For Emergency

Outdoor also means sudden emergencies like rain, not enough people turning up or some unforeseen circumstances. But when a planner is involved, there is always a plan B to take care of these emergencies at all cost.

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4) Keep Guests Engaged

There is always a lull period in every event. People are tired or some waiting for food. But an outdoor event planner has a bag full of fillers to make these moments interesting.

Challenges for an Outdoor Event Planner

But there are some challenges too

1. Weather Conditions

The event planners need to track the weather closely. We must have an adequate arrangement for sudden rain or any such eventuality.

2. Food Supply

The vendors for food are critical. If the quality or timing does not match, outdoor event planners may have to deal with a bunch of unhappy and hungry guests.

3. Entertainment Options

The activities and music should follow seamlessly. If there is no continuity, the guests might feel bored and may even want to leave. We need to ensure participants do enjoy the whole event and they are able to learn something from this event.

4. Smooth Arrangement

The smooth outdoor event needs to be well planned and arranged. Guests need to feel loved, cared for and welcomed to an event for them to enjoy it thoroughly. We need to ensure there are good sound systems, enough parking spaces and enough toilets to cater for the number of participants. Given our extensive contacts and strong networking channels, we give you alternatives to make all these arrangements in a cost-effective fashion.

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Why Engage Us as Outdoor Event Planner

Therefore if you hire experienced professionals like us, you can rest assured about

a) Efficient Service

Our team of experienced outdoor event planners takes a step by step systematic approach and ensures every detail is taken care off. This minute follow up ensures the smooth flow of the event.

b) In House Sound System

Our in-house sound system does not just add glamour to your event and cut cost; it also guarantees better output. You can now bid adieu to technical glitches and sound systems stopping midway.

c) Wide Network Connection

Most times, outdoor events are little removed from the main city. Lack of appropriate connectivity is a key challenge here. But when you are dealing with us, it isn’t a problem with our extensive network.

d) Personalized Attention

Another interesting feature of our outdoor event planning comprises a strategy that ensures every guest gets individual attention. From choosing a suitable event venue, ensuring enough parking spaces to safety concern, we cover it all.

e) Professional Team

Moreover, we have experienced professionals. Our planners are not just good at their work but also deft at dealing with any emergency whatsoever.

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So if you are planning an outdoor event, get in touch with for experienced planners for a comprehensive outdoor event plan. We strive to not just give our best but also to ensure you have as much of a good time as your guests.