The first question that we should ask is who is a makeup artist? A makeup artist is an individual who uses cosmetic techniques to enhance the beauty of a human body.

The main job of the makeup artist is to enhance an individual’s beauty by hiding or smoothing out the flaws and bringing out the strong features of the individual.

Makeup artistry is used in a variety of fields including television, film, photography, theatre and sometimes in normal life.

In life, there are two main variations of makeup artists.

The first group of makeup artists is a cosmetic artist or fashion artists. In this group, we have the different makeup artists ranging from the clerk at the makeup store to the artists who do make up for models during shoots.

This is an artist who is especially concerned with how to make the subject of their work look the best they can. Such a person would be knowledgeable about the effects of lighting on colour as well as the impact of digital photography on makeup.

Makeup Artist Work

Most of the time they would be aimed at creating a particular look, depending on the demands of the job. As such, you can find them concentrated on weddings, fashion shoots and fashion shows as well as corporate headshot photography among others.

The other class of makeup artists is the theatrical and film makeup artists. This kind of artist is more concerned with the character that the subject ought to play. Their work is to enhance the outlook of the character.

For instance, they can make an older character look younger and vice versa, create a scar etc. This artist is also aware of the effects of light and camera angles because they ought to create an illusion.

Why Do You Need a Makeup Artist?

Most often, you will find that makeup artists are required in events and special gatherings such as weddings, photoshoots, film production sets and fashion events. In these events, it is important that the characters look the best they can.

For instance, at a wedding, the idea is to make the bride to look the best she can not only for her special day but for the photoshoot that comes after. In the same vein, when looking at the film sets, the idea is to create an illusion that would convince millions of people without a second thought. As such, there is no argument that the place of the makeup artist is undeniable.

What does a Makeup Artist Do?

In a normal day, the makeup artist will prepare his or her tool and then proceed to the client’s site. Once they have consulted with the client they will do the makeup according to the client’s wishes. In some cases, the client can refer you to other clients depending on the kind of work that you do.

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