Grand Opening event planner

A grand opening event as the name suggests needs to be grand, a little larger than life.

It introduces a new offering, and the memories often impact the brand meaningfully. Often it is a social statement and has to be handled with care.

After all, it is your opportunity to attract maximum potential customers, impress on your existing customers the extent of your financial might and presence in the industry.

But throwing a party of such a large scale in the last minute is an absolute waste of resources and would hardly do justice to the kind of money that you might be spending.

It is, therefore, important to contact an experienced grand opening event planner.

An experienced event planner can help turn this into a massive business opportunity.

Role of A Grand Opening Event Planner

This is exactly where the grand opening event planner plays a key role.

  1. Conceptualizing Event: Just planning an event is never adequate. There has to be a proper plan on how to go about it. We do precisely that and a lot more.
  2. Looking For Maximum Impact: From designing the decoration, emcee engagement, music selection to the ceremony flow planning and media following up, we ensure that the event gets maximum exposure and is a grand success.
  3. Create Goals & Objectives: But for that, setting targets is crucial. That is what will help you to make sure that you can optimize the potential opportunities in a meaningful way.
  4. Showcase Business Potential: Primarily, we target ways to showcase the overall business in a meaningful way. It explores the variety of means to improve growth potential and sales.

Challenges for A Grand Opening Event Planner

There are many challenges for a grand opening event planner. Here are some quick ways in which we help you make a difference:

1) Fixing The Right Target Group

Getting the guest line-up right is one of the biggest obstacles. Without the right list of guests, these events can fall flat quite easily.

The first and foremost task is to identify the right kind of target group. We help our clients finalize on the potential group of people who need to be invited and who could help in furthering the business prospects better.

The right targeting enhances the footfalls as well as strengthens the scope of success for the event manifold.

This will ensure that the grand opening event is able to optimize the reach for its owners and serves its purpose to the hilt in getting the message across to a wide cross-section of people.

2) Deciding On Time and Venue

As an experienced grand opening event planner, we do understand the benefit allocating sufficient time for preparations, deciding on a date which is not during vacation time or long weekend and ensures maximum participation from its members.

Not just the timing, even the venue of the event is intrinsically related to the date. In both cases, it is very important to give due credence to the convenience and accessibility of the target audience.

After all, it is common sense that if the timing and date fall on a less busy part of the week and is at a convenient time in a place that can be easily reached, more and more people tend to drop in.

3) Brand Awareness Promotion

An established firm like ours with years of experience as a grand opening event planner, we try and capitalize on every kind of promotion activities to improve the reach and information about the Grand Opening Event.

The more people know about it, the better the response would be.

You can try and use all kinds of platforms for advertising starting from traditional ones like Print ads to the latest fads that include online opportunities through social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.

4) Rope in Big Names

The guest list of a grand opening event is extremely important.

Not only does the presence of the who’s who improve the credibility of an event but it also helps in creating significant goodwill among the participants.

We use our long association in the area to get top-notch guests like the Mayor, council members and business heads.

5) Ensure a Smooth Event Flow

On the main event day, this is the biggest challenge. We will ensure a smooth flow of all the planned activities, including the guests, need to be entertained, and the focus has to be on the business launch.

Why You Need To Engage Us as Grand Opening Event Planner

This is exactly why it makes sense to engage us for your grand opening. We deliver

1. Customized Service

We understand that the requirements of every business and every client are unique. This is exactly why we make an attempt to customize our event planning solutions as per the client’s need. From the venue decoration, ceremony flow to launching gimmicks and stage setup, we can customize it according to your preference.

2. Experienced Team

Our efficiency is the benchmark of the quality that we guarantee. Every grand opening event planner that works with us is professionally trained to perform under pressure and in an effective manner.

3. Care about Customers

Our customer’s satisfaction is our biggest asset. We make sure that we are able to address all their requirements in the most comprehensive way.

4. In-house Sound System

The sound system is the number one challenge that we need to take care of. Having our own sound system, we can ensure everything is in a good state. Our staff are familiar with our own sound system and they are properly trained to handle the system, thus customers can have 100% peace of mind to engage us as their event planner.

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Our well trained and experienced event planner team will ensure your satisfaction and a good start for your business.