On average, a golf event planning needs intensive planning, regular site visits, and constant creation and nurturing of long-term relations.

While planning for such golf events, we believe in excelling not just in a given task but also build the foundation for future contracts, orders and long-term association with the client.

That is why when you hire us we give you a step by step lowdown in achieving excellence coupled with precision. The goal for us never ends in just organizing one successful golf event. We judge our success by the amount of business we can help you create.

Sponsors are Vital

One of the primary aspects of any golf event planning is a detailed understanding and study of the sponsor profile.

We realize that sponsors constitute the backbone of such sporting events, and if they are not satisfied, long-term associations and business will suffer for both the client and us.

So we always lay a lot of stress in meeting the sponsor and grasp their expectation from the entire event right from the positive branding to the ultimate business prospects. This helps in planning a better-targeted event.

Creating Sponsorship Opportunities

We understand that revenue generation is undeniably a key objective in any golf event planning. Therefore, we take pains in creating as many sponsorship opportunities as possible.

While we never crowd out space to the point being annoying, we ensure that the opportunity is optimized to the hilt and gives a reasonable revenue generation target to the host and the sponsor.

Creating a Task List

The final success ultimately boils down to the crucial task list. Right from the time when we take up the event to the final day of deliverance, that task list is sacrosanct for us.

Not only is it a list of who does what but also the crucial link between classy planning and faultless execution. The list is virtually a reality check for us on what all counts, we need to beef up our efforts and where all have we completed our preparation thus far.

On the d-day, this task list also becomes the ready reckoner to check what is done, what is pending and the like.

Player Pairing & Smooth Registration

It goes without saying that a golf event planning is incomplete without a detailed and well-thought line-up of golf players. In this context player pairing is a very important task.

When we get into golf event planning, we ensure that player pairing is not just random but well thought out and the final player pairing list is printed and handed over to all relevant volunteers, staff and personnel associated with the event.

This also ensures smooth registration without too much time being spent into verification and re-validation at every step.

Give Us a Call Now

So if you need some golf event planning, all you have to do is call us or email us with details of the event you have envisaged and let us take charge to bring life to your dreams.