The name gala event planning somehow conjures up images of festivity, fun and a lavish affair. Interestingly an event that is organized on such a massive scale inevitably needs detailed planning, impeccable execution, and considerable investment.

But the biggest challenge is perhaps translating your vision into actual action. That is where we come into play. Our extensive bank of experience and the army of experienced staff ensure that every event we conceptualize stands out in terms of quality, variety and consistency.

Detailed Scheduling

One of the basic of a gala event planning is the strength of how minutely and to what extent can you plan the event. This preparedness on the paper enables us to apprehend many potential problem areas.

We specialize in creating a precise schedule for D-day that enables smooth flow of events on the main day and avoids unnecessary glitches.

The depth of our planning helps us be adequately prepared both in terms of manpower and resources to provide backup support in case of any emergency and ensure a smooth show.

Early Planning

A gala event planning is hardly a last-minute job, and we are mindful of this fundamental fact and as a policy only take up events for which we have ample time to plan and execute.

Planning for a gala event ideally needs to start one year in advance with updates at regular interval till the final moment.

Rushing to meet deadlines will never work in terms of organizing a gala event given the sheer volume of work that needs to be done for achieving final success.

Location is Crucial

Imagine a wedding where you spend lavishly but at an inappropriate location. Needless to say that despite all your efforts, the arrangement will fall flat.

Not because any less money was spent but because the location put off the guests who graced the occasion. Similarly, the success of a gala event planning hinges on the location to a great extent. Yet again, early planning is what comes to the rescue.

When you have planned and conceptualized the theme and the details of the gala event well in time, booking an appropriate location too becomes fairly simple and the event planning can progress smoothly without any hindrance.

Setting Up a Committee

Given our experience in gala event planning, we recognize the need for setting up a well-rounded committee for smooth and perfect execution of every aspect of the gala event from decoration to food to invites, sales, marketing, tickets and the events that would be included on D-day.

Formation of a committee enables effective allocation of responsibilities in a way that everyone proceeds with a set goal and responsibilities and focuses completely on achieving this goal.

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A gala event planning involves a dynamic mix of vision and location, of planning big and executing minutely to the last detail.

Our strong history of planning such events successfully and the wide number of returning clients should assure you of the uncompromising success, we look to achieve on every occasion.