Exhibition Event Planner

The exhibition event planner is an extremely niche area. Exhibitions come in different formats.

The challenge is to make exhibitors profitable and generate additional business for them. That is by far the primary target of any type of exhibition.

Exhibition event planning is a unique amalgamation of creative instincts lined with marketing brilliance.

While the focus cannot shift from the exhibits, it still needs to be executed in a fashion that maximum profit can be garnered from it.

It needs to be advertised well, and the word needs to be spread at the right avenues for maximum exposure.

Therefore when we undertake exhibition event planning, our primary goal is effectively planning, promote and faultless execution to ensure both exhibitors and visitors are enjoying the biggest values and benefits.

What Does An Exhibition Event Planner Do?

The role of an exhibition event planner can vary from event to event. But there are some that are constant.

1) Researching For Venues

As an experienced event planner for exhibitions, we know that exposure, especially the right type of exposure is crucial. This is why looking for the right venue becomes one of our primary objectives. Find out this article to view 21 factors on selecting the best event venue

2) Deciding the Hall Layout and Decoration

Just the venue is never enough. Often how we lay the booths, the ease with which the guests can see the offerings also plays a key role. That is an important factor.

3) Gathering Sponsors

No event can be as great a success as you visualize without proper sponsors. In this context, we also have to market the event appropriately to potential sponsors for better funding.

4) Managing Event Budget

You must remember that cost is the biggest variable. While some line costs can be minimized by securing donations or voluntary services and sponsorship.

Our team of professionals considers all different liabilities and additional benefits to draw up a clear picture of the actual expenses and how to go about it.

5) Publicity and Promotion

From offline promotion to the online publicity, the extent and frequency of it is all an exhibition event planner’s responsibility. Practically we are the ones running the show in totality.

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6) Handling Rules & Liability

Exhibition event planning involves many guidelines, norms and necessary licenses. Our designated team of professionals makes sure that all this is taken care of well in time without the client being inconvenienced for it in any way.

It becomes absolutely important that the paperwork that is necessary for hosting the exhibition event is also in place well in time, and the organizers do not have a deal with any unnecessary last-minute hassle as a result of these.

We will take care to list out the liabilities to our clients precisely and ensure there is no miscommunication in this regard.

7) Inviting Exhibitors

The quality of the exhibition also highly depends on how many quality companies are participating. Our job is to look for the industry market leaders to participate in the exhibition. By having the big brands in the room, this is an effective way to attract visitors coming.

Challenges for An Exhibition Event Planner

That said, they also have to deal with a few challenges too.

1. Getting Appropriate Exposure

From the venue selection to media publicity, the right amount of exposure is important. If you overdo it, people might get bored and if you underdo, people may not come to know. Both extremes can be detrimental.

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2. Choice of Dates

Dates are very important for an exhibition. Typically the ones that are held on weekends attract more crowd and if it clashes with another key event, the chances of it being successful are quite limited.

3. Return on Investment (ROI)

The overall business that the exhibition generates should be certainly higher than the money required to host it. That will result in an appropriate value generation. To call it a successful exhibition, exhibitors should able to generate positive ROI or at least bringing up their brand to consumers after the exhibition.

4. Creating Value to Both Visitors and Exhibitors

It is very important to ensure that we are creating value to the exhibitors and visitors. Organizing the exhibition well will not count if it is not able to generate the right kind of value and exposure for the exhibitors and also the visitors. To encounter this issue, we must have the right fit of the exhibitors’ offers and the visitors interests.

5. Adhere to Event Timelines

Exhibition generally involves dealing with lots of creative works and in most cases, it is hard to give a deadline for their completion.

Therefore meeting timelines is often an uphill task. It is exactly for this reason that we always plan out stuff well in advance and ensure that the exhibits are all gathered well before the designated day to avoid any last minute hurry and ensure that every piece of an exhibit is available for display at the right time without any hassle.

Why Engage Us as Your Exhibition Event Planner

That is why it makes sense to appoint us as exhibition event planners.

a) Best value for Money

Our wide network of connections, state of art techniques, experience and distributor channels ensure one of the best value for money service profile.

b) One-stop Solution

Our huge umbrella of the network ensures that all the services are available in one place. It does not just save cost but also saves time. Moreover, it also makes for a more coordinated output.

Our offers including event hall decoration, in-house sound system rental to exhibition booths set up. Our team are professionally trained to do the work, you can have peace of mind when engaging us as your exhibition event planner.

c) Creating Impact

The other important factor is adopting innovative techniques to make a lasting impression on visitors. This is what our team of exhibition event planners specialize in.

d) On-time Delivery

We specialize and take pride in keeping deadlines. That also helps in decorating the venue and double checking every element carefully.

e) Experienced Team

Our team are very experienced doing exhibition event, we have done a couple of exhibition events with local developers.

We take care of everything from scratch, starting from exhibition hall setup, decoration, promotion, to targeted lead generation, you can depend on us.

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