Themes are a crucial part of any event. Whether it is a company annual dinner, corporate event or party gathering, often the theme helps in binding the whole event together. From decor to accessories to entertainment and food, it binds it all neatly.

Often the theme is also a great way to get the guests involved and entertain them. From using their creativity, dress up to undertaking team initiatives to excel, the theme is often the oxygen that runs an event.

You can choose from a wide range of alternatives.

1. Beach

If your guests are too far from the beach, why not bring the beach to them. You can recreate the lovely beach boy and beach girl style, drinking champagne and relaxed sea atmosphere add to the thrill and excitement. You can even throw in some beach activities and dress ideas to match the theme.

2. Romantic

This is one theme that has a huge range of elements to play with. Whether you think of an amazing all red gathering with heart-shaped balloons or a subtle quite sit-down do with romantic music and dance, there is no end to options.

The idea is to integrate the theme of the event. Decor, dress-up and food form the most important trio of this theme.

3. Modern

This again is an event theme idea that is subject to a wide multitude of interpretation. From modern music to modern literature to modern entertainment, the scope is almost unlimited.

The challenge is how well you can represent the event you are planning using this theme. Seamless execution is the key to the success of this theme.

4. Cartoon

Cartoons are a hot favourite at kiddie gatherings, but that does not mean it is a no-no at adult events. We can bring along our children to have fun together.

Well, the trick is to let your imagination go wild. Consider the venue as one big Disneyland, plan anything from cartoon carnivals, dress-up and joy ride to wow your guests.

5. Halloween

This is a seasonal favourite. As the winter begins to set in, the Halloween spirit seems to make the event world in its pumpkin-glow.

But you can also use your imagination and innovative planning to spice up a hot summer day with the Halloween spirit.

This is one theme that helps you optimize your creative instincts, involve the guests constructively and work out some exciting costumes.

6. Back to School

Who does not want to go back to school and the carefree days? This can be a great theme for a wide range of events from corporate gatherings to casual get-togethers.

You can convert the venue into one big classroom and design some cool striking uniforms. You can even give the stationary the school theme and perhaps serve food in cute bento boxes.

7. Disneyland

Disneyland is often the other word for a fantasy land. One of the top favourites, it can be easily adapted for both adults and children.

Most importantly, the Disneyland theme can extend to any event from weddings to birthdays and even corporate gatherings.

For example, you can adopt a Little Mermaid theme for the wedding dinner or make your company event “Under The Sea”.

8. Carnival

Carnival is fun, exciting and loads of music and food.

Whether it is an open-air venue or a closed space, it is never too difficult to bring to life this theme.

Highlight on any of the elements of this theme and also add the fun music and delicious food. You are a sure winner here.

9. People in History


People from the pages of history do not just inspire us with their action. Often they are the most preferred themes in gala events.

You can also choose entertainment packages comprising of these people from history and things from a range of eras for decorating the venue.

The most interesting aspect is getting characters from different era interact with each other.

10. Gaming

This can be a great theme to break the ice between employees from different departments or people from different families or complete strangers part of a corporate or casual gathering.

Whether you turn your venue to a Las Vegas Casino or a virtual reality game zone, the range of options is quite vivid. Think of the maximum elements that you can use to engage the guests.

11. Pirates

The very mention brings to light the scenes from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. You can decorate the venue like a Pirate’s ship or play the treasure hunting game.

Ask your guests to get creative with their outfits, and you can easily recreate the sound and light effect of pirate movies. Let the frightening fantasy completely overwhelm your guests.

12. Hollywood

The glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills, the red carpet, the designer gowns and the black-tie sit-down dinners are all signs of the top-notch Hollywood parties.

You can even create a theme within theme by deciding on a specific style or a period. You can create a reporter-type photographic event or recreate moments from a great movie; the range is exceptionally huge and interesting.

13. Star Wars

Want to add a bit of science fiction to your otherwise unexciting gathering. Why not consider the Star Wars theme?

From the glitzy costumes to the futuristic gadgets, you can get your guests to get real creative. You can also work on the lighting, music and the accessories to bring the Star Wars to life.

Even the colour of the food and the presentation can extend the theme.

14. Cosplay

Cosplay is another popular event theme that has a huge scope of excitement.

You can be either very specific about a particular film, novel or even a video game and ask your guests to dress like the characters there or keep a generic approach.

You can make the whole event more exciting by including prizes for the best-dressed guests.

This can also create a buzz about the event and improve the guest attendance.

15. Magic/ Magicians

The magic of a magic act in your event can be really magical. Whether it is traditional magicians, illusionists, card tricksters continue to attract and entertain people even in today’s world.

So why not keep the mystical magic theme for your event. From the lighting to costumes, colour combinations and even food, let the magic unfold.

16. Monster

Do you want to incorporate something fantastic in your event? Why not play with the monster themes.

You can have monster dress up, monster food exhibitions and even fun competition like how many burgers can you eat in 1 minute.

The monsters are huge and intimidating, dare your guests to cast the same spell. This is one task that will get everyone together and help bring out a fantastic show.

17. Jungle/ Forest

Whether it is a birthday, coming of age party or even staff gathering, the jungle theme has many takers.

The barbecue food, the classic dress-up and the combination of green and yellow can bring in the strange charm of the forests right within the heart of your venue.

You can even include vivid cut-outs of wild animals and other jungle elements like lakes and waterfalls to complete the effect.

18. Vampire

You can also opt to adopt the vampire myth into your plan. Unleash the power of the vampire and create a thrilling event that your guests are sure to remember.

You can also include Vampire balls or a Vampire themed all-night party with coloured drinks and special effects. You can create a buzz about it by launching promotional brochures and flyers.

19. Uniform

Uniforms have a unique charm about them. Be it the fireman’s striking red one or the Policeman’s dark blue uniform.

The armed forces generally have some kind of camouflaged ones while the airforce normally sports a shade of blue.

You can allocate teams amongst your guests and make a set number of people dress up in a specific uniform. You can also organize different games for different teams.

20. Detective

Well, all events do not have to be boring, come dressed up, eat and go. Some can be exciting and absolutely thrilling.

You can perform one of the famous detective stories from Miss Maple or Sherlock Holmes.

You can even engage with a game expert and create your very own treasure hunt or mysterious plot. In that way, you involve the guest in the event.

21. Horror/ Haunted

You can even execute a horror or haunted theme. Select a horror story or horror character of your choice and execute it through various elements of the event.

This includes the dress up, the act, the decor and most importantly the sound effects. All together you can recreate a haunting sequence that will surely make it memorable for your guests.

22. Cute

Sometimes the simplest of the events can become special when you add a cute touch to it.

Cute does not have to be about incorporating a Barbie or going all pink. Cute is about hitting that special chord that attracts to your guests.

It can be something like planning an outdoor event in a rustic style or perhaps planning an event like a picnic lunch with a special costume and cuisine.

23. SuperHero

This is by far one of the most popular event themes for celebration dinners. From organizing a competition for the best-dressed superhero to creating decor and acting superhero style, there is absolutely no end to it.

You can even organize an outdoor event complete with the stunts to add to the effect.

24. Casino (Night in Vegas)

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We redefined it. If you cannot make it happen in Vegas, we get Vegas to you.

Indeed a night in a Vegas Casino is one of those real-life fantasies that can be a sure winner as an event theme.

It is about mimicking the glamorous and luxuries Casino ambience and making the guests let their hair down, quite literally.

25. Olympic Sports

The Olympics are more than one of the biggest sporting event globally. From the smallest country in the world to the largest, everyone is proud of their contribution to it.

In many ways, the 5 rings of the Olympics are the best representation of global harmony. You can create country-specific Olympic uniforms and celebrate this spirit with a host of decor and accessories.

There can also be the symbolic lighting of the lamp.

26. Royal Family

Most of us are fascinated by Royalties. Be it the British Monarch or an Indian Prince, what they eat, how they dress, what they say, always stirs our curiosity.

Why not celebrate this spirit in the event you organize? Imagine recreating Buckingham Palace with the guards and asking your guests to come dressed as Queen Elizabeth, prince or princess and asking them to chat in their traditional affected tones.

27. Ninja

You can even choose to invite your guests to come dressed as Ninjas and include some typical Japanese decor to further accentuate the impact.

The black draping, samurai swords, Japanese lamps add to the effect. You can also organize workshops that demonstrate the tools used by Ninjas and how they operate.

28. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are not just children’s fantasy. Imagine how the movie Jurassic Park changed the perspective of an entire generation of dinosaurs.

Well, why not host an event with the same theme then. You can have 3D projections on the walls depicting dinosaur life.

If you want more excitement, ask the guest to come dressed as a specific type of dinosaur.

29. Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are our favourites. It is not just a 5-year old who wants to be Rapunzel’s Prince and rescue her.

Trigger the child in every participant’s heart and make a difference to the ordinary event that they are attending.

Adapt the fairy tale theme with the core vision of the event even if it is some non-exciting professional get together.

30. Animals

Whether you are considering the Mowgli theme or save the Tiger, animals as a theme can be really cool.

For example, if it is a seminar about the dwindling Panda population, why not change the decor to the forests they stay in.

You can create cure Panda t-shirts for the guest and also make panda-themed stationary.

31. Robotic

This can be an extremely futuristic theme, but it sure needs thorough planning and preparedness. You have to adapt the décor and event flow to suit the theme. The colour combination has to be metallic in shades of grey and brown and you can even use neon light to deepen the impact.

32. Festival

Festivals represent celebrations and a positive atmosphere. So when you are organizing an event why not integrate this sense of happiness and wellbeing in it.

So if it is an event just before Christmas, you can fashion the entire decor and dressing and even the food in white red and green. You can even ring in the festive spirit with music arrangements and songs.

33. Super Rich

Don’t we all follow the Forbes list of super-rich with great interest? Be it Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or Jack Ma, their lives and work are awe-inspiring.

So why not let that be the theme of the next corporate event that you are hosting.

From the designer suits, the expensive vehicles to the super-rich lifestyle, there is just about no limit to what all you can incorporate in your event.

34. Mask

There is intrigue, there is a mystery and there is a sense of suspense. The low lighting, the foot tapping numbers and the guests in masks.

It can be a sheer celebration of luxury and mystery. Your guests do not recognize the face they are dancing with and it is only the mask that they know their partners with.

This is just perfect for an otherwise boring charitable gala dinner.

35. Pyjamas

Pyjama parties do not have to be limited to your kid’s school.

Imagine a bachelor’s party where the guests came in pyjamas or the last day of a 3-day conference when the host is trying hard to keep the guests interested and asks them to come in pyjamas.

You instantly arouse curiosity and interest. Make sure you also organize small games and activities in sync with the theme.

36. Colour Theme

Colours have a very powerful impact. Be it strong and assertive ones like Black, Gold or Purple or calming shades of white or lavender, a colour theme is a clear winner if you are running out of options.

Every guest will interpret the colour differently; there will be food and drinks in the same colour theme. All of this is exciting and challenging, and your efforts add to the returns.

37. Rustic

The rustic theme is extremely versatile. It represents simplicity, exotic, traditions and an old world charm.

It is almost an effort to return to our roots, rediscover our beings and be one with our legacy.

You can either recreate rustic ambience or take the event outdoors to a rustic locale. It is sure to win you footfalls.

38. Childhood Memory

Who does not cherish their childhood memories?

There are some that make you laugh aloud, some that are humbling and even those that you are embarrassed but hardly any that does not make you nostalgic about the days have gone.

You can use photographs, video accounts and play old videos or music to create this ambience.

You can even ask your guests to come in their favourite outfit or with their favourite toys.

39. Retro 60s/ 70s Fashions

The 60s and the 70s have a charm of their own. Be it in the music they belted out or the fashion statements they made.

The rockstars of the 60s and 70s still hold a special place in the hearts of most music lovers. Why not go back in time and recreate a retro night complete with costumes, music and light effect.

40. Harry Potter

It is close to two decades, and Harry Potter still represents a sense of mystery, exotic and a peep into the fantastic.

Moreover, this is one them where there are many elements to play with, and that gives you a definitive edge.

41. Country Theme

Every country represents several special elements that you can showcase from their festivals to languages and cultures. So why not convert a 3-day conference to a country special theme.

Each day represents a country like China, Japan, India, the UK, etc. You celebrate the spirit of the country and engage your guests in that endeavour.

42. Galaxy

The Galaxy comprises untold mystery. Be it the solar system or the constellations; there are way too many elements that can make any event special.

You can rope in chefs specializing in molecular gastronomy to recreate the theme on your platter or costume designers or decor specialists to add to the ambience.

43. Company Products Theme

This is one of the most common themes for corporates.

Depending on the industry and sector that the host company represents, you can easily select themes like plastic, paint, cars and work on them.

You can either broach the environmental implications or the future innovation. The trick is to create interest and a sense of mystery. Information dissemination is a primary objective here.

44. UFO/ Alien

If you want to stun your guests, this can be also a great theme for any type of event that you may be hosting.

It can be a personal family one or a professional one; it does not matter. We are all curious about UFO or Alien, and there are many films too.

You can either recreate a scene or just let your guests be creative. They can all wear costumes specially created by them. Anyway, this will generate interest.

45. Multi-Races Culture

The world is a global village today and what better way to celebrate this oneness than a special focus on the various races across the world.

Malaysia is a multi-races country. Be it the Malay, the Iban, the Kadazan, Chinese or the Indian, there is so much to offer.

Be it food, culture, dressing and the local music and dance. You can organize a special workshop for the same and give the guests a peep into every culture. But remember it will need thorough research and smooth execution.

The Bottom Line

Therefore deciding the theme for an event is a tricky business. You have to pay attention to many factors like the guest profile, the nature of the event and also the purpose of the event.

Also, the fact whether it is a professional or family-oriented gathering makes a huge difference. Often the choice of proper theme is what makes or spoil the event.

In case you are not sure, contact us today for the most professional and stunning line-up of themes.