Entertainment and events go hand in hand. But often an event can also fall flat due to lack of proper entertainment ideas.

The brilliance of an event planning company is not just in hosting the event, but how well they can keep the guest entertained.

Be it a trade show entertainment, a corporate entertainment or a company annual dinner entertainment; it is time to rework the entertainment concepts for them completely.

We specialize in entertainment services that make the guest asking for more.

Here is a list of some of the most striking entertainment ideas:

1. Live Band

The reality is there are very few things like a live band to cheer up your event. If you can engage with some popular names, the energetic factor is enhanced further.

From birthdays party, weddings dinner to corporate events, a live band can be the most appropriate entertainment for your event.

2. Dancing

Dancing is often considered therapeutic. It relaxes you from within and brings an inner joy.

From traditional to modern, from classic to contemporary, from private solo recitals to group performances, it is one of the best ways to entertain the guests.

3. Magic

Magician for Events

Magic has magical entertainment results. Be it a group of toddlers, young adults, successful professionals or pensioners, the charm of magic is hard to pass.

This is exactly why it is an absolute show stopper in any event. They engage the audience, bring in an amazing and exciting factor and leave an unforgettable impression of a day well spent. Everyone will like magic.

4. Clown

Well, gone are the days when clowns were standard comedy alternatives for small-time kiddy shows.

Professional clowns can bring a dose of laughter in the dullest of gatherings. Their peppy performances can often be the reason why you may see record guest turnout.

5. Opera

It is one of the most traditional and classic forms of entertainment. But, you don’t really have to be Elizabeth Bennett or Mr Darcy to enjoy it from your treasured box seat.

Modern Opera has been given a facelift in a brand new avatar. Want to wow your guests with an Opera? We can assure you this is one of the best performance and superb entertainment.

6. Acrobatics

Acrobatics are no longer only for the circus. They have found their own footing and are perfectly capable of pleasantly surprising your guests.

Their amazing moves and exciting acts can add a sense of excitement to just about any event.

The challenge is only about executing the concept and organizing the accessories required to make it a success.

7. Competition or Games

Whether you like it or not, all of us have a little child deep within us. This is perhaps why competition and games are one of the best ways to engage all your participants.

Whether you are a group of serious professionals or fun-loving event participants, everyone likes a bit of fun and games.

Healthy dosages of competitions of every kind can bring in exactly that.

8. Comedian

Well, everybody welcomes an additional dose of laughter. A comedian at any event means a spark of humour and happiness.

But as the best comedian, they must be very sure about the guest profile and tip the comedian about potential acts that conform to the brief. That is what will guarantee the best results.

9. Celebrity

Celebrities are after all celebrities. Wherever they go, they bring in a sense of excitement, exotic, outright thrill.

So if you are scratching your head about how to create a memorable entertainment package, celebrities will definitely add a generous dose of excitement and glamour to your event.

10. Balloon Artist

Balloon artists are much in demand today, the world over for the way they twist in entertainment to a private party or a corporate event with their impressive art.

Be it an animal shape or a love shape balloon, their range of offerings is sure to keep the guest entertained and engaged.

11. A Cappella

When it comes to entertainment at events, nothing is too much. Most event planners go overboard thinking of exotic options, but sometimes basics can be more fun.

A cappella groups, no wonder are a huge range today. They offer an amazing mix of retro, jazz, rock, classical and a lot more. It is a purely vocal performance that your guests are sure to enjoy.

12. Orchestra

Orchestra too comes in this list of traditional entertainment ideas that can add a dose of glamour and charm to modern events. A beautiful arrangement and a soul-touching number are what it takes to convert a boring event into a mega success.

The get the best results, we need to make sure that we liaison with the best arrangers and settle for nothing less than world class melodies.

13. Mime

Mime is essentially a niche art. But at the same time, it is unique, out of the ordinary and a decided show stopper.

However, it is important that relevant topics are chosen and the mime artist is able to make that connection with the guest. The simplest way is to let them interact and engage the guests in their acts.

14. DJ

You want to make your guests let their hair down. You want to introduce a fun element but not overdo it.

Well, hiring a DJ will be the best bet. They can get the best mix of music that can appeal to a variety of guest profiles.

By hiring a good DJ, you can keep the event energy level high all the time. Just make sure you have adequate space in the venue for the audience to mingle around and enjoy the music.

15. Breakdancing

In case you are looking for an absolute high energy and hot entertainment package for your event, hire some break-dancers or organize breakdancing for all. Your guests are sure to shake a leg, and your event is sure to get thumbs up.

In fact, breakdancing is one of the hottest entertainment in the corporate event. Make sure that you optimize the trend as best as you can.

16. Pianist

Sometimes the serene and calm elements of music can create wonder as well. You can decide to fascinate your guests with an awesome performance by any of the master pianists.

It is the kind of music that seeps into the soul slowly and steadily. It engages and entertains your guests all at the same time.

17. Employee Talent Show

Now if it is a hardcore corporate event with predominantly, here is a simple way to make sure you get utmost attendance and entertainment. Launch an employee talent show.

Engage every possible employee and convince them to perform a small nugget of their talent. Remember, it is never just about entertaining a hall full of people, but often for many, it becomes their hall of fame.

18. Choir

Music can be entertaining and be engaging in practically every possible form. So why not introduce your guests to the fascinating symphony of a choir.

Across the world today, you have a wide number of choirs that have made a name for themselves both of their singing style and the way they have reinvented traditions.

You can arrange this amazing performance for your event.

19. Hula Dancers

But if it something exciting and undeniably thrilling that you are planning, why not the hula dancers.

Their dresses, their dance, their music and above all, their accessories, all of it together creates a magical mix that your guests are sure to enjoy.

20. Chinese Orchestra

The wow factor is the most crucial element while designing event entertainment options. Well, the Chinese Orchestra can achieve just that and a lot more with their fascinating range of alternatives.

They showcase their rich musical legacy and modern interpretation globally and surely add a dollop of global charm and mass appeal to your event.

If you are holding a wedding event or any event targeting Chinese society, you can consider the Chinese Orchestra as one of your entertainment.

21. Ventriloquist

Special and unique event entertainment can help engage better with the guests, involve them completely and earn distinctively better returns.

That is exactly why live entertainment solutions like an act by a ventriloquist can usher is a fresh gust of excitement and engagement by your guests.

Today you have a host of ventriloquists who specialize in corporate events and offer some stunning packages.

22. Percussion

Percussion is one of the best-known underdogs in the entertainment industry. From classical to jazz, there is a wide range of options available for you.

The best part is this is the type of music that is foot-tapping and peppy and yet calm and serene.

We carefully plan out percussion events to make the best impact without overshooting the budget.

23. Dynamic Storyteller

Imagine a room full of children, pin-drop silence and the booming voice of a storyteller weaving magic with words.

Well, now we have a huge list of some dynamic modern storytellers who can bring this same old world and childlike charm to any serious gathering of adults too. All you have to do is brief them about your guests and the purpose of the event.

24. Stand-up Comedy

Comedy is king, and stand-up comedy is a budding profession today. The world over, you have stand-up comedians become famous celebrities because of their superb funny content and humorous perspective.

Ever thought of how they can up the entertainment dose of your event? Well, just hire a comedian for an hour and see how your guests stop looking at the watch and keep asking for more!

25. Rapper

If you want to add a dose of music to your event, why not call a rapper. They are fun, they are musical, and they can involve your audience completely.

You can go for big names for part-time enthusiasts. The stress needs to be on delivery and quality and remember to listen once before putting them on stage.

26. Puppeteer

Entertainment at events does not necessarily have to be a show of monetary strength or even the search for exotic and exciting.

Sometimes it is about rediscovering our legacy and history too. Puppet making is a dying art in most parts of the world. You can do your bit by hiring puppeteers with engaging acts to entertain your audience.

27. Karaoke

Karaoke’s have their own charm, this is an opportunity for those who like to sing to show their talent.  Well, it also brings in a sense of casual fun and unconditional joy to any gathering.

So why not let your guests sing to their hearts’ content and make your event a super success.

28. Illuminated Dancers

Your quest for something unique and exotic may often bring you to the illuminated dancers. They are graceful and their dance touches the soul in every possible way.

It is but obvious that you can keep your guests glued to their seats with an executed performance by professionals.

29. Celebrity Impersonators

In case you are operating on a budget and cannot rope in a celebrity, why not look for celebrity impersonators.

They just do not look, act and talk like celebrities, they also bring in a fun element to any gathering. They add to the excitement and often involve the guests in their acts.

What else do you need? Your guests are engaged, entertained and return all set to move north.

30. Duet

Be it a wedding event, a glamour party or a corporate event, you can easily hire duets to add a sense of something unique and something niche to liven up the day.

Following their creative enthusiasm and passion for excellence, these duets can often bring in a sense of understated class to your event. You can hire them locally or even go for national operators.

31. Bubble Artist

Last but not the least, have you ever considered getting trapped in a bubble artist’s imagination?

Yes indeed, bubble artists have taken the entertainment scene in mega-events like a storm. They do not just introduce something, unique and creative to the event but also an absolutely adorable trip back to childhood.

Remember how you ran behind bubbles as a kid? Well, these artists make the adult do that and a lot more.

In The End

So if you want to make heads turn and keep the guests tuned in, we suggest getting in touch with us now.

Whether it is a wedding entertainment, function entertainment or festival entertainment, we can make it a glamorous and memorable affair with our line-up of stupendous event entertainment programs.

If you are looking for any event entertainment agency or services, contact us now for information, our team will keep in touch with you soon.