If you thought an Event DJ is someone who only provided music for a particular event, you are grossly mistaken.

An Event DJ is a master of the trade, musician par excellence and understands the tricks of mixing audio, lights and all accompaniments into creating a magical time for you and all the other guests.

We train and hire a specific team of Event DJs who are passionate about honing their skills and absolutely driven to provide you with an unforgettable experience of quality music made beautiful with an intelligent mix of audio and lighting techniques.

Key Responsibilities

Here is a look at some of the key responsibilities of the Event DJ who work with us and comprise of the core team members who share the credit of our stupendous success story year after year.

1. Leading The Ceremony

The Event DJ leads the event from the word go. From the announcement of the guest to the final adieu, they create audio-visual magic aimed at bringing in the wow factor to your event.

They carefully line-up the various elements of the event and draw up the final schedule to let it all flow in a smooth, uninterrupted manner

2. Audio Technician

They are the resident sound engineers. From checking on the feasibility of the venue, hosting a DJ dependent event to the ultimate acoustic tests, they look into every detail to deliver on the track.

They look into every aspect like the number of guests, the average age and the challenges that the venue might provide in terms of acoustic feasibility and how well it can be handled without a glitch on the day.

They are the ones who decide on the music volume and ways to regulate the EQ mix to ensure every guest gets to hear what they have to offer without the risk of turning deaf.

3. Light Technicians

Sometimes music works better when they are accompanied by the right kind of lighting.

An event DJ working with us is aware of this fundamental fact and goes that extra mile coordinating with all the other members of the team to ensure that the music and the lighting are well paired and complement each other from the word go.

It goes without saying that this eye for details goes a long way toward making our clients be convinced about our undeniably competent services and the personal touch we lend to every event that we host.

4. DJ Par Excellence

Last but not the least of all requirements, an Event DJ is someone who is fast to grasp the pulse of the crowd, give them music that they want to hear and is quick about responding to song requests without breaking the ongoing tempo of the event.

This unique ability makes them highly sought after and makes us proud of our association with them.

Give Us a Call

Needless to mention then that if you want to hire an event DJ all you need to do is give us a call for helping you hire the most competent name in the town.