The world of event planning is a complicated one with a plethora of names, titles and job description, or is it?

Well, only till you do not understand them in totality, and we are here doing exactly that. Whatever event you might be planning, if you seek professional help there is one person you are sure to interact with and that is the event coordinator.

So Who Exactly Is an Event Coordinator?

Well, an event coordinator is, as the name suggests, someone who coordinates the various aspects of events that are professionally managed.

Our job involves many kinds of coordination including looking at transportation arrangements, parking facilities, choosing meeting locations and several other details that together go on to make a successful event.

Personal Requirements

As an event planning and management firm, when we choose event coordinator we look at some personal traits apart from the academic qualifications.

  • Decidedly you need to be a people’s person. This implies the job of an event coordinator involves extensive interaction with various types of people. Unless an individual is comfortable chatting up, actively interacting with people and talk people into doing things their way, it is difficult to succeed in the role of an event coordinator
  • Academic qualification is one aspect, but someone aspiring to be an event coordinator needs to be sharp, agile and very prompt to respond. In a matter of seconds, they should be able to gauge the situation, the potential of a goof-up or the prospect of an emergency and act accordingly
  • Supervisory skills are also very important. A good event coordinator is someone who knows how to delegate responsibilities, divide work and keep calm under pressure and work his or her way through towards achieving the final goal
  • Time management is another key attribute for anyone who aspires to be an event coordinator

Job Description

That said now we proceed towards understanding what exactly comprises of the job for an event coordinator. Event coordinators working with our firm handle many responsibilities including:

  • Negotiations with clients and supply vendors to reach a mutually suitable pricing platform
  • Organize all the set-up at the venue to ensure everything is in place well ahead of the actual event and there is no last-minute running around getting chairs in place or instruments being plugged in
  • Talk to all associated service providers like caterers, furniture and instrument providers to ensure smooth execution and preparatory work as per the directive of the master plan
  • Advice senior decision-makers and ensure that important decisions are taken well in time and work is not impacted due to key decisions pending
  • Management of staff on duty at the venue for the event and equitable delegation of work

If You Are Looking For Event Coordinators

In case you are looking for experienced and competitive event coordinators to help with your event just give us a call or email us. We will get back to you with a list of options.