Be it a large gathering, a gala event or a community event or even a business gathering, the event consultant is one constant with all types of event planning.

It would not be wrong to say that they pretty much constitute the backbone of any event planning and execution.

Often single-handed they do everything for an event from concept to execution included. So how exactly would you describe an event consultant’s job and what all goes into the making of a successful consultant?

Well, the list is long, more importantly, it is extensive and the team of experienced event consultants that we hire is here to give you a sneak peek.

1. Research: Be it researching for opportunities or marketing prospects of a specific event for even client-specific research, in-depth research constitutes the hallmark of a successful event consultant.

2. Liaising: The event consultant is almost the face of an event planning firm. We liaison with the client and the several vendors and suppliers associated with hosting a specific event. We sit with the client working out the precise event list that is required to make the event a success.

3. Proposals: An event consultant is a person who draws up detailed proposals for every aspect of the event from timelines to budget to staffing, legal obligations and licenses and venue selection.

4. Final Booking

Be it location, venue, caterers, support staff or event the DJ or the musical instrument, the final booking is ultimately the event consultant’s responsibility.

We have to give our nod and are the final authority in terms of approving a venue or any related service that is required to host the event successfully.

5. Coordination

A successful event consultant is also someone who can effortlessly coordinate with all the relevant associates starting from the client to the vendors to the venue manager to the catering manager, you name it and their contact details and service-related updates would be right at the event consultant’s fingertips.

This coordination is essential as this alone ensures that everything is in order and as per plan without a chance of a last-minute delay.

6. Backup Plan

The best part is while an event consultant is a person ready with all the armoury to make a specific plan work, he or she is also the person who has a backup plan ready for everything from the venue to menu lest something does not fall in place.

It is easier to draw up a good plan but the challenge is how to make it as good even when the plan fails, and that is where a successful event consultant shines amidst a group of many.

Meet Them Before Deciding

So if you have an event lined up, the best plan would be to handover charge to any of our experienced team of event consultants.

We will be ready to help you with whatever is required to make your event a success and a memorable one.