Food is by far the most important aspect of any event, small or big, formal or informal, corporate or creative.

More often than not you hear guest discussing the quality and quantity or even the type of food served at a specific event on their way out. It is due to this basic fact that event catering is such an important part of event planning.

Our catering managers are not just equipped with the best resources, but we encourage them to be resourceful, experimental and passionate about event catering.

It is because of this reason that they are inevitably the lead players in the core event planning team. Here is a brief look at how they go about conducting their business.

Types Of Event

One of the primary factors that influence event catering is the type of event. For example, catering for a sit-down dinner as compared to a buffet is quite different.

While a corporate event catering might involve a lot of finger food, you might see a plethora of healthy shakes and smoothies in a sports event.

Essentially event catering is divided into the following types:

  • Breakfast Event: Catering for these involve a lot more stress on main entrees, sides and desserts with perhaps an accompaniment of milk/tea/coffee/juice. The option of a starter would be minimal in this case
  • Mid-day event: These would be more like lunch meets but a lighter lunch version with a good mix of appetizers, main course and desserts
  • Lunch Event: Corporate training programs and business meets tend to be organized around this time. These need to be light and lot affairs with a decent spread of main entrees and sides. Do not forget coffee/ice tea and the like but you can give lengthy desserts a miss
  • Dinner Event: Provide more appetizers in case of a buffet dinner but a sit-down dinner needs to be an elegant affair where guests get to savour and enjoy every bit of their meal

Hygienic & Licensed Commercial Kitchen

One of the unsaid rules of event catering is investing in a good commercial licensed kitchen for longer-term gains. Not only are these kitchens easier to use in terms of catering to a large gathering but maintaining the hygienic level and quality of food in these commercial set-ups becomes relatively simple to institute and execute despite challenges and deadlines.

Pricing Is Crucial

One of the key mantras for our event catering initiatives is cut out waste, and you will be able to reduce the cost for your clients. One of the most consistent feedback from our clients is our penchant for offering value for money deals without compromising on the quality at all.

Contact Us For More Catering Details

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