Concert Event planner

Concerts are live music shows, and often the dynamics of hosting them are very different. Concert planner is a very challenging and exciting job.

Unlike most other events, concert event is extremely infrastructure heavy and requires acoustic friendly locations.

The same concert event can be serving a multitude of objectives. While for the artist it might be a platform to promote the art, the organizers might have a fundraising objective for a humanitarian cause.

What is the Role of a Concert Event Planner?

A concert event planner is someone who does not just need to be a great event planner, but also requires a meticulous understanding of music.

1) Arranging a Musical and Sound System

Organizing and arranging the musical is the primary responsibility of a concert event planner.

A concert will include playing a wide range of instruments, sourcing all of these, separate connections for them, mikes, final audio output, the risk of resonance and overall acoustic quality of the hall can all pose uphill challenges for the organizers.

2) Promoting The Event

The concert event can be successful only when you have a full house. This needs aggressive and active promotion and regular follow up. A concert event planner will take charge of this.

3) Organizing a Professional Team

Concert planning is not an easy task, it requires a professional team to carry out the job. It is the event planner who takes charge of the event and draws up a hiring schedule. Often this is a tedious process, and the quality of the team can impact the whole concert.

4) Securing Permits

Often to get the concert going, you need a variety of permits. An experienced concert event planner will keep these ready well before time. That will enhance the overall flow of the event effectively.

Challenges for a Concert Event Planner

There are many challenges that we must handle.

1. Getting The Right Mix

The success of the concert is in the entertainment value. For that, it is important to get the right mix of artists and audiences. Without it, a concert can be a big failure too.

2. Meeting Deadline

Concerts involve a lot of external elements like hiring musical instruments, getting in sound engineers, mixing consoles and the like. Ensuring that they all arrive at the right time is a big ask.

Deadlines are sacrosanct, and we adhere to those at all costs. Ensuring that everything is in place, checked and plugged well before the event is set to begin is one of our primary focus before an event kicks off.

3. Ways to Attract People

Aggressive promotion, intelligent ticket pricing and creating a stir is important to attract the audience to the concert. If an event planner fails to do it, the concert may fall flat.

4. Handling Unforeseen Circumstance

One of the biggest challenges that concert event planning suffers is the huge amount of logistic and technical resource and infrastructure it involves.

When you are dealing with so many uncertainties, any last minute changes will affect the event progress. So the challenge for a concert event planner is how well we are prepared for it.

5. Date Selection

Deciding on a date for a concert can be another major bottleneck. We use our network and database to ensure nothing major overlaps with it, promotion of the event takes place at the desired pace and enough noise needs to be generated for drumming up the mass support that is important to make the event a success.

6. Budgeting

Concert event planning invariably includes large-scale operation, and the cost involved is also significant. Be it a fundraiser or an awareness initiative, we help you garner the maximum possible amount for the cause. Simultaneously we pay special attention to quality.

Why Engage Us as Your Concert Event Planner

If you are looking for an experienced concert event planner, we assure,

a) Within Budget Package

We always make it a point to stick to a client budget and ensure that we offer the best available option in that range.

b) One-stop Service

We offer all types of services required for concerts under one roof. From the concert planning, event promotion to the concert hall setup, we take up all associated responsibilities. That also makes the program a lot more structured.

c) Experienced Team

Every concert has its own demands. The ability to adapt and customize is very important. Our experienced team will work on every detail starting from the theme selection, team setup, concert hall decoration to event promotion, you can depend on us.

d) In-house Sound System

Sub-par audio systems or instruments can often downgrade the quality of the concert. It is here that we play the best role. Having our own in-house sound system, we help you create a balance between what is desirable and how much expense can be borne without affecting the quality of the sound.

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