Charity event planner

If you have always aspired to support a noble cause and wanted to do your bit for the society, charity event planning can often be an easy gateway to both.

Be it raising funds or spreading awareness charity events need minute planning, careful detailing and extensive coordination to ensure everything falls into place at the right time in the right place.

In case you are unsure how to go about with charity event planning, we offer you unconditional assistance in helping navigate these tricky grounds.

Purpose Is Primary

First and foremost we help you decide on the cause for which you are going to raise the event and the goal that you are going to focus on.

A clear idea of the purpose will help in focusing on the charity event planning, the associated nitty-gritty and figuring out the details.

Enhancing the network chain and amplified publicity of the chosen purpose would then become the key objective of the charity event.

Amount Of Money To Be Raised

Apart from fixing the budget, it is important to decide the amount of money that will be raised. We help you reach a target sum that you can raise from the specific charity event.

The entire event planning will be then geared towards raising this amount. We decide on a realistic amount that is feasible after deducting the cost of organizing the charity event.


As with any such event, the budget is always a key point of focus. Our charity event planning is focused to bring about maximum publicity with minimum cost for hosting it.

We create a budget in a way that covers the entire range of associated expenses from travel to publicity to food and beverages and even the basic stationery that is provided at the venue.

We also look at allocating a little extra for unaccounted for expenses that might suddenly turn up or something that has to be done last minute so that you are not bothered about funds once the planning is complete.


As fundraising and awareness campaigns generally form the primary targets of charity event planning, effective marketing is an important aspect.

The marketing for such events should be done well in advance, and we ensure that people from all related walks of life are engaged with to guarantee high attendance and higher collection.

Set-up Of The Event

The location of the event, theme and associated details are an inseparable part of our charity event planning. We specialize in careful planning coupled with detailing every aspect of the entire event to guarantee complete success.

Our plan incorporates details like staff strength and job allocation for a smooth flow of task on the main event day.

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