Baby Shower Event Planner

Baby shower event planning is generally very happy affairs that celebrate the new arrival of the baby. We can help you organize a baby shower party that caters to your close friends, relatives or perhaps neighbours.

Depend on the mother’s preferences, the timing of the baby shower and what would make the mom be happiest in terms of arrangements, food and guests are the key aspects to focus on.

1. Timing Of The Baby Shower

Different cultures have it differently. While some prefer the one month after the pregnancy. On an average 4-6 weeks after the baby’s arrival is the best.

2. The Plan

Selecting a good theme is extremely crucial as baby showers are one of those occasions which should neither be over the top yet but still make a mark. We will help you in focusing on a few key elements and try and bring out the best.

Individual attention to the guest is very important and a relatively low key affair will help you achieve this. Also, we specialize in creating a concept that will facilitate perfection in the eventual execution.

3. Getting The Guest List Right

If you are the host, then it is just right that you decide the number and profile of the guest list. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to keep in mind the mom to be expectation and type of people she would prefer.

If the event is not a surprise for her, we suggest you giving her a set number of guests she could invite on her own over and above the guests you are going to call. The idea is to get just the right number of people, so she feels loved and yet is not suffocated by an ever-growing crowd.

4. Entertainment and Activities

Baby showers are generally associated with lots of fun elements. Start it right at the beginning. We design custom-made fun activities for all the guests who will enjoy receiving it and add to the thrill factor in the event.

We can arrange buffet catering and a live band for the event,  ensure everyone is enjoying this celebration.

5. Decoration & Seating

We can arrange canopy and seating for you, we have a wide range of decoration designs that you can choose from. Even the seating needs to be well spread out to bring a cosy, comfortable feel to the ambience. Break the monotony of the chairs with a few floor mats and cushions.

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And if you are at a loss or do not have time to handle the event details, you can always contact us to organize everything for you, just give us a call for the professional event planning services. we have a team of well-trained staff and years of expertise, we will ensure that the baby shower event to be one beautiful memory for your family and friends.