Planning a successful event is not an easy job, whether it is a corporate event, a business event or a networking event, ensuring adequate attendance to turn up is always one of the challenging parts.

These are some simple techniques that you can use to promote your event in a constructive and qualitative way. The objective is to create a need to sustainably enhance the appeal of the event.

We decided to make the task relatively simple for you with these top tips to increase attendance turn up rate.

1. Proper Name List

You cannot manage if you cannot measure.

Creating a proper naming list is crucial, you need to know your visitors basic demographic, eg: name, age, contact no, interest and where are they from. With this basic information, it will be easier for you to manage and take care of them.

Besides, the name list of the speakers is often as important as the name list of overall attendees.

The objective is to make sure that the speakers are able to maintain the promotion momentum.

The guests need to feel that there is something unique that they are going to watch and should not miss out.

They share a symbiotic relationship where each one works towards attracting the other.

2. Regular Follow Up

Regular follow up is crucial for event planning.

This is not just limited to vendors and service providers, make sure that you do regular follow up with your attendees as well.

The idea is to keep this event on top of their agenda every week, so they do not reschedule their day and include any other event.

But plain reminders can be annoying, you must be creative, think of how a film is promoted.

First, you have the music release, next one trailer, then another and finally the film. You have actors attending various live TV and radio shows talking about it. You need to look at promoting the event in a creative way and with a similar fashion.

3. Send Reminder

Needless to mention then that there will be regular reminders sent to potential guests, but try and spice up your reminders in a way that the guests will look forward to it.

This will make sure that the guests will not forget about your event and will remember to accommodate it even if they have a very tight schedule.

You can personalize reminders and also customize them to suit the objective of your event as well as the guest’s preference.

This individualized attention often goes a long way in creating a lasting impact.

4. Location Share

Locating the right venue often goes a long way in increasing attendance to any event.

The guests have to be very clear about where they need to go. Wrong direction and traffic can often interfere with their decision to go to a particular venue.

Try and make the task as simple as possible. Thanks to advances in technology like Waze and Google maps, locating any venue is not very difficult.

If you want, you can also attach information about landmarks nearby or MRT and train station. You can even personalize the location maps and offer customized maps from the precise destination that the guests may be coming from.

This will also convey the message that you are keen on having the guests over for your event.

Sometimes, this may go a long way in ensuring that your guests will take the extra initiative and ensure that they are there for your event.

5. Event Information Sharing on Social Media

Promoting and aggressive advertisement for your event is very important to ensure higher attendance, but the question is how and where.

Given the advent and the popularity of social media, sharing information about events on the social networking platform is crucial. You have to ensure that you tap the right resources depending on the profile of your event.

For example, if it is a musical event, you may use Facebook and Instagram. The overall idea is to get in touch with as many of your guests as possible and in as little time as possible.

Maintain the promotion momentum that you build by sharing on social media constructively and consistently.

6. Have a Personal Touch

Personal touch often makes a big difference in the way you promote your event.

A personalized promotion always leaves an indelible mark in the guest’s mind.

Just on the basis of that personal touch, they will become willing partners to go that extra mile and even make a few exceptions for you.

Whether it is in the invite or the way you follow up with the guests, it is important to make sure that they understand how special their presence is.

That alone will ensure that the attendance rate increases significantly over a point in time.

7. Mention about Benefits

Remember that the return on investment is important in every type of dealing.

Just like any monetary investment, guests are investing their time, energy and resources in your event. This is why it becomes very important to convey to them how they can benefit from it.

Whether they can learn something or gain an understanding of crucial details, this event should become a proposition that adds value to their overall growth curve.

That is how they will be able to assess their benefit and the reason why they must attend your event.

A proper understanding of benefits also incentivizes them to attend your event and help you make it an outright success.

8. Collect Payment in Advance

As an event host, you are working with many different types of people. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is clarify payment terms with them.

Often niggling issues and constant bickering on the payment front can mar the whole event.

That is why it is best that you clarify the payment fee and term right at the beginning and then start your work.

That will assure your paid visitors are committed to the event and motivate them to go that extra mile to invite. So then the promotional drive will not slacken and will move as per its expected pace.

9. Gain Commitment

Make sure that you often post about early bird discount and all other registration related information. It is almost like moving up the scale in a step by step fashion.

Your ultimate aim is to get as many confirmed guests as possible. Once they are committed and registered themselves, most event goers will stick to the schedule and may even influence others.

We often see a popular way of doing this is by sharing tickets online and invite friends to join them. With commitment, people tend to keep their promise compare to those who are still have not decided, so you have to gain as much commitment from the guests as possible.

10. Free Gift

Another popular way to attract people to your event is by distributing gifts for free.

Well, what you want to gift is totally dependent on the profile of the event and the exact amount of mileage you seek to derive from it.

For example, supposing L’Oreal is launching a new cosmetic range, you can offer a free makeover or a cosmetic gift to everyone who attends it.

This will often incentivize guests to attend your event and help increase the turn-up rate.

11. Lucky Draw

Another option is organizing a lucky draw during the event.

Promote the lucky draw timings as aggressively as the event. This will again offer guests a reason why they may want to participate in the lucky draw and attend the event as well.

But make sure that the Lucky Draw gift is something that is both lucrative and useful for the guests. If your event is a multi-day one, it makes sense to hold a lucky draw on a daily basis for best results.

12. Keep Up The Heat

But whatever initiatives that you may take, it is essential to keep up the momentum at every point.

Do not let the tempo slacken. Create a buzz and engage the guests in the entire preparation process.

Share pictures of preparation, high points on the social media.

You can even announce milestone ticket sale numbers to pass on the message about how extensive the demand for the event is.

13. Ask Their Friends Along

Encourage your guests to influence their friends too. So, even if every guest manages to encourage just one friend, your guest list will automatically double.

The effort is to increase the attendance to your event as much as possible. You can also offer your guests a special discount on the ticket rate for successful referrals.

14. Know Who Your Audience Is

While the objective of the event is important, it is also essential to know the preferences of your audience. Only then, you will be able to combine the interest of both the aspects successfully.

Remember that the better you know your audience, the better you can design the event to suit their sensibilities and also take forward your objective smoothly.

15. Referrals

Referrals are used practically everywhere from recommending good products to your friends or inviting them to join a program that can benefit them.

Sharing is caring, almost everyone wants to share the good things with their friends. There is no reason why you should not try the same when you are promoting your event.

In fact, there are two advantages to this arrangement. Firstly, the attendance will increase as more people opt to refer friends and family. Secondly, this will also improve the goodwill of the event.

People generally tend to take the advice and offerings of their friends and family a lot more positively than complete strangers.

The advantage is you manage to increase the overall attendance turn up rate significantly and consistently.


Driving up attendance continues to be one of the biggest hurdles that most organizers face and have to account for on any given day.

Whether it is a paid event or a free event, it will be a big mistake for organizers to assume all their visitors will be automatically turning up on that day.

We do not want to leave this to chance, organizers should put some efforts to increase the visitors turn up rate.

If you wish to engage a professional event planner for your company event or your personal party event, we are pleased to provide professional advice to you, feel free to contact us now for more information.