About Us

From organizing small in-house birthday parties to mega weddings, from niche corporate evenings to gala events, we are among Malaysia’s most famous and top-rated event planners across the country.

We are in business for several years wowing our clients over and over again with the quality of our services delivered at reasonable rates by a team of efficient and committed professionals.

Not failing deadlines and providing unfailing quality every time is the hallmark of our service ethics.

Wide Range Of Events

We specialize in a wide range of events from hardcore corporate to informal gatherings.

The beauty of our service lies not just in giving you a wide choice but also in the fact that you will never be disappointed by hiring us.

Whether you are a returning client or a first timer with us, our expertise is in making you feel at ease.

The experienced team of professionals get to work almost immediately trying to translate your dreams into storyboards and eventually the final event. Be sure to be wowed by the quality and class of our excellence.

Eye For Detail

A primary reason for our strong success record is the fact that we leave no stone unturned in addressing every single aspect of the event undertaken.

From deciding on how the napkins would be folded to the little personalised handwritten thank you note for your guests we like doing everything king-size and delivering without fail on every single occasion.

Our experienced staff members take extra care to shield your event from any potential glitch and work day and night for a smooth execution of the job at hand.

Strong Networking

Being in business for such a long time and also in pole position for an equal number of years we value our relationships and strong networking base. It is important because it enables us to

• Cater to a wide range of events simultaneously across the city

• We are able to negotiate with our vendors like no one and get you the services at a significant bargain

• Promotion and marketing of the events we organize, always get priority given our long association and a strong team of marketing professionals who ensure that we are always on top of the promotion game

• Create a special point of reference for our clients and guests alike and helps in further boosting business prospects and catering to a larger client base.

• We thrive on word of mouth feedback, and the strong networking helps us in spreading the word about the high degree of competence and the decidedly world-class level of service we offer.

The Next Step for Successful Event Planning Services

So if you have an event in mind all you need to do is go to the contact us page and call us on the listed numbers or drop an email on the id mentioned and rest assured to hear from us with a promise of quality service.