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About Us

We are one of Malaysia’s reputable event planner company.

We offer one-stop event planning services, providing the full range of services that you need, eg: Emcee, Sound & Lighting, Event Decoration, Entertainment, Catering, etc.

We will be with you before the event, during and after the event, guiding you and taking care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy your event.

We introduce professionalism into the whole thing ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

We provide you with the much-needed peace of mind even during events that you would normally be stressed over.

Owing to our contacts in the market, we are in a better position to handle a different crisis that may occur during the event.

We manage the different staff members that you may have hired for the event and handling all the Knitty gritty parts of the event.

All these are just some of the advantages that come with using the services of our event planner services.

We Offer a Wide Range of Event Planning Services:

  • Corporate Event

  • Wedding Event

  • Sports Event

  • Music Event

  • Exhibition Event

  • RoadShow Event

  • Annual Dinner Event

  • Team Building Event

  • Outdoor Event

  • Graduation Event

  • Grand Opening Event

  • Products Launch Event

  • Gala Event

  • Themed Event

  • Charity Event

  • Fashion Show Event

Why Engage With Us?
  • One Stop Event Planner – We Provide Wide Range Services, We Plan, Give Suggestions, Held Meeting and Get the Jobs Done

  • Experienced Team – We Ensure Smooth Delivery, You Can Have Peace of Mind

  • Wide Area Coverage – Location Is Not a Boundary, We Can Serve You Anywhere

  • Competitive Price – Workable Price Without Tolerance on Quality

  • Professional Services – All Staff Are Well Trained, We Are Ready and Pleased to Serve You

  • Creative Team – Create a Superb Memory & Experience For Your Guests

  • People-Oriented – We Put People First, We Ensure Quality and Continuous Communication

  • Wide Event Services – From Wedding Event,  Company Annual Dinner to Exhibition Event, You Can Rely On Us

  • On-Time Delivery – Proper Time Management to Get the Works Done On Time

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